At Nonprofit Austin / Center for Nonprofit Studies, our focus is the people who are the essence of the social sector. When our energies lag or our anxiety rises, our mission falters and thousands of others are affected. Sustaining and protecting ourselves is paramount. Remaining connected to the community and remembering our purpose (amidst all else) is essential. 
We take our tag line: "Community of Learning" very seriously. Maintaining and enriching the sense of and reality of community is our reason for existing. To remove all barriers to your benefitting from our learning opportunities, we are suspending nearly all fees on our online classes through April 30, 2020.
During this uncertainty, our first responsibility is to identify and serve your needs -- while constrained by the shelter in place guidance and the learning curve inherent in going virtual. Please sign up for our e-letter and follow us on our social media channels (see below) to stay connected.

We are also pleased to announce the launch of our curated index of nonprofit resources during COVID-19 on our website. 
This ongoing and actively updated index offers reliable, pragmatic, and actionable information during this challenging time. We welcome your own submission of resources to add to this list -- you can learn a bit more about this feature below. 
To help keep perspective, I will be mining my personal archives to share some humor in every issue of our upcoming newsletters. Please send us your favorite quotes, cartoons, etc. to be included in future issues.
This is a time for gratitude: to all of you in our social sector who are on the front lines doing good under very difficult circumstances. And to my amazing ACC Center for Nonprofit Studies team: Kate Tolliver, Coordinator; Anh Pham, Administrative Assistant; and Carolyn Hoehle, Strategic Communications Specialist.
These are difficult times for all of us. It is also a time that reaffirms our common humanity and interdependence. As tough as it gets, we know that this too shall pass. Hopefully, we will all be stronger as a result of this trial.
Barry Silverberg
Upcoming Learning Opportunities
Join us for one, not two, but three NEW ONLINE offerings from Nonprofit Austin aimed at strengthening nonprofit practitioners during these difficult times. As mentioned above, these opportunities are FREE to you through the month of April!
Join us for a weekly series presented by Nonprofit Austin in collaboration with League for Nonprofit Human Capital (LNHC), featuring Caroline Valentine and Sean Hale, as we offer weekly updates and conversation on human resource issues and providing tools for making creative and difficult decisions.

THURSDAYS | APRIL 2 - 16 | 12 - 1 PM

This weekly experiential workshop series provides an interactive and engaging opportunity to explore and understand self-care in a new way. If you're struggling to balance your own needs and the needs of others in the midst of the increasing demands of your work - you're not alone.

As a nonprofit professional during this pandemic, you're likely experiencing both heightened demands and diminishing resources, which can make self-care feel hard - if not impossible - to keep up with. Though you know that self-care is important, it may feel like your favorite self-care "go-to's" aren't meeting your needs right now, or are feeling out of reach.

In this workshop lead by Lacy Alana, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, you can expect engaged learning, connection, and fun.

TUESDAYS | APRIL 7 - 21 | 9 - 10 AM


Join us for this weekly learning opportunity to explore the fundamentals of improvisational theatre. This class's interactive exercises provide a perfect opportunity to develop new skills, have fun, and create a diversion from work and Covid-19 stress. During each session, you'll develop core improv theatre skills including heightening your awareness, improving communication and listening skills, and tapping into your playfulness, flexibility, and spontaneity. This class offers guaranteed laughs and fun. All are welcome, and no experience is needed!

In this workshop lead by Lacy Alana, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, you can expect engaged learning, connection, and fun.

WEDNESDAYS | APRIL 8 - 22 | 12 -1 PM


Many organizations are currently asking, "How will the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act - S. 748) affect nonprofits?" The National Council of Nonprofits has just published an excellent breakdown of this very question. Click here to learn a bit more about key nonprofit issues of sector-wide interest and to receive some expert initial analysis of the nearly 900-page bill.

Please note, more details may become apparent with a more thorough analysis and as more information about this proposed legislation becomes available.

In need of a comprehensive index of curated resources and analyses from national, state, and local sources? Look no further than this index we have put together for our community of learning! This ongoing and actively updated index offers reliable, pragmatic, and actionable information during this challenging time. Please send additional resources to:
Nonprofit Austin is proud to be collaborating with the community partners displayed above to gather information to understand the current reality of Central Texas nonprofits so they can best respond that can be used by finders and planners to assist organizations.

As COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic challenges continue and deepen in Central Texas, our local nonprofits are facing significant challenges. Local funders, businesses, government entities, and community partners want to 

Would you please take a brief Nonprofit Pulse Survey to help us inform area funders and supporters about your organization's experiences and most pressing needs? The survey should take you no more than 7 minutes to complete. Please complete it by 5:00 pm on Tuesday, March 31st.

To avoid duplication of responses, this survey is intended for the current leader (e.g. Executive Director/CEO, board chair) of the nonprofit. If you do not meet this criterion, we hope you will forward it to others in your network. Thank you for your participation!
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