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Inside each of us is a natural-born storyteller, waiting to be released.
- Robin Moore, author
Communication  •••  Principle of the month
Whether it is managing conflict or telling your organization’s story, communication is at the heart of every successful nonprofit. This month we are focusing on Communication, based on Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence.

Communications strategies advance a nonprofit’s mission, inspire its stakeholders, and increase its impact. A nonprofit must be proactive in its communications strategy to accomplish its goals. Effective communications practices help to ensure public trust in the organization and connect the organization to its stakeholders, inspiring action. Thoughtful planning and internal communication are important for positive relationships with employees and key volunteers. External communications strategies attract and retain stakeholders, raise public awareness, advance key mission-related concepts, and increase funding for the organization. Read more.
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Download this self-assessment based on Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence – Communications from our friends at Colorado Nonprofit Association.

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Creating A Culture of Cooperation
  Garry McDaniel, Ed.D, author
  Conflict Management in Healthcare:
  Developing a Culture of Cooperation
Managing conflict in today’s demanding and dynamic workplace is a time-consuming but necessary task for all employees and an obligation of administrators. In traditional organizations, conflict is often rampant between employees, employees and management, suppliers, contractors and customers. It is also important to note that in any of these situations, conflict may be productive and lead to growth, new ideas, better relationships, clear communication and increased trust, or it can be unproductive.

Unproductive conflict is characterized by frequent, repetitive arguments or disagreements that are not resolved and that leave those involved feeling more angry, frustrated and disengaged than they were before. In any organization, unproductive conflict ranges from minor disagreements to major controversies that may lead to mistakes, wasted resources, litigation or even violence. The result is that unproductive conflict has an adverse effect on productivity, morale, and the care of employees, patients, and customers. In addition, work environments characterized by an inability to deal constructively with conflict contributes to high employee turnover, limited staff contributions and impeding efficient delivery of care.

Let’s be clear on another point-- training is not the ‘magic bullet’ that will solve this problem. We suspect that if you are working in today’s demanding healthcare, retail, non-profit, manufacturing or service environment, you have probably already attended a class, workshop, or seminar on the topic of conflict management. In addition, your organization may have also offered additional training programs on topics such as communication skills, team development, interpersonal relationships, emotional intelligence, coaching, facilitation, and management skills. Read more.
Charlotte Caples
Featured Alumni & Faculty
When Nonprofit Austin looks for the best, we often turn to our certificate alumni. Their passion and desire to make a difference led them to us in the first place.
Today, we begin recognizing Nonprofit Austin alumni and faculty whose ideas, experience, and professional practice are influencing our nonprofit community.

We start with Charlotte Caples, Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Management Class of 2013.

When we decided that our Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Management (CNLM) must employ a racial equity lens to adequately prepare graduates for the challenges before us, we chose Charlotte to help design and lead the way. Our reasons were obvious to anyone who has “experienced” Charlotte: She is a straight talker, unflinchingly honest, and has facilitation skills that provoke, engage, and enlighten participants.

Charlotte’s commitment to social justice is best appreciated by turning to her own words: “living up to my parents’ expectation and as a therapist in juvenile justice, I struggle to “fit in” because I couldn’t not say something about injustices I saw. My struggle just ignited my desire to bring healing to others, and within the workplace. As a result, I help leaders develop their voice about racial equity, own their power and hold accountable systems that impact them. I believe outcomes should not be predictable by race and that peace, power and prosperity are everyone’s birthright!”

This sentiment mirrors what Charlotte wrote of her career goals when she applied to the Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Management in 2012. Her aspiration was: “Chief Diversity Officer position which plays a pivotal role in developing and guiding diversity, inclusion and racial equity initiatives within nonprofit organizations designed to serve children and provides expertise, direction, training, and consultation to drive inclusive and equitable practices across the organization, among its members and key stakeholders. My goal is to eliminate institutional racism which perpetuates unequal treatment to those who have historically been excluded from services in systems such as child welfare, juvenile justice, the housing industry and advocacy agencies.”

Charlotte, you are doing just that … and you are helping others perceive and act on these social injustices.

We honor Charlotte Caples as a Nonprofit Austin alumni and as an esteemed member of our Nonprofit Austin faculty.

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