Self-awareness has countless proven benefits -- stronger relationships, higher professional performance, sounder decision making, and more effective leadership and communication skills

Sound pretty great, right? But here’s the bad news: 

% of people think that they’re self-aware,
but only 10-15% actually are!

**An excellent TEDTalk on the subject can be found here.
There's no denying that self-awareness is the basis for the qualities most critical to success in life, including emotional intelligence, communication, and collaboration. But if the greater majority of us lack self-awareness (even if we "think" we have it), what to do?

Our workshop coming up on September 18th, "On the Same Page! Enhancing Your Virtual Collaboration & Communication Skills," will challenge participants to develop the two key sides of self-awareness--internal AND external--particularly possible blind spot around their communication strengths and weaknesses.

Take a deep dive into your own communication style and: 

• Increase awareness around your individual communication habits and that of your colleagues’

• Gain essential tools for bridging significant communication gaps between yourself and others on your team

• Engage in stress-reducing mindfulness and creative art practices

• Have fun and connect with your team and other participants!

This workshop is part one of a series on virtual team collaboration from Vox Omnibus Consulting titled, (Over)Coming Together: Thriving Teams and Other Renewable Resources, An Online Workshop Series. Learn more about this offering and the rest of the workshop series here.


This September, as the demands of the virtual worlds of work, school, and community compete for our attention, we invite you to join us in discovering skills and tools to help make it all work.  

When the Virtual Office & the Virtual Classroom Collide - HR Considerations
September 10th | 12-1:30 PM | Caroline Valentine

Finding Balance in the Midst of Competing Demands (Part 2)
September 15th | 12-1 PM | Lacy Alana

On the Same Page: Enhancing Your Virtual Collaboration & Communication Skills

September 18th | 12-2:30 PM | Dr. Hannah Wong

Finding Balance in the Midst of Competing Demands (Part 3)
September 22nd | 12-1 PM | Lacy Alana

Mind Those Minutes
September 24th | 12-1:30 PM | Reagan Pugh

Finding Balance in the Midst of Competing Demands (Part 4)
September 29th | 12-1 PM | Lacy Alana

As a reminder, many of our online opportunities operate under a Pay What You Can (PWYC) pricing sliding scale. You can learn more about this pricing system here, which allows us to continue to offer quality programming while also addressing the financial challenges many are faced with at this present time.

Credibility is earned through human contact – in the hallways, on the factory floor, in the retail shops, in the classrooms, and on the streets. Credible leaders take the time to listen and learn.

Kouzes & Posner, Credibility: How Leaders Gain and Lose It, Why People Demand It

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