Resilience is a process and a staircase. You might be on step four of the staircase, and I might be on step one, but we can both keep moving up the staircase so that our resilience levels will hopefully exceed the rising tide of stress.

--Glenn Schiraldi

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Fostering Organizational Resilience  •••  Principle of the month

Our partners at the Nonprofit Risk Management Center have this to say about resilience. 


Resilience is often defined as the ability to recover after a setback or in the face of adversity, or having the capacity to adapt to new challenges. For many nonprofits, resilience is essential for everyday mission-advancing work and is not only relevant in the face of an existential crisis.

Working to build resiliency at your organization can not only prepare your team for a crisis event but also enables your team to take on higher-risk, higher-reward ventures, which less resilient teams could not withstand.

Read more to see how your organization is doing. 

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Sheila Armitage - Featured Faculty
 “There’s no heavier burden than a great potential” proclaims the Peanuts’ Charlie poster that has adorned the walls of Nonprofit Austin's Director, Barry Silverberg, for 46 years. A daily reminder of the unrealized potential that lies within each of us.
Sheila Armitage translates that potential into action. “Noticing increased personal and organizational level of stress, and talent turnover, Sheila researched and developed a resilience model, assessment and programs to boost individual, team, and organizational agility.’ In a word, Sheila enables leaders, teams, and organizations to reach their potential.

She achieves this with a gentle persistence that eludes simple description. She shares her considerable knowledge without pomposity. Her messages are underlined by her earnest authenticity and her British accent. Combined, she mesmerizes her audience and stimulates the internal elements that allow each of us to transform “can’t” to “can.”

Sheila’s messages are especially significant as we all seek to recover from the trials of Covid and look to learn positive lessons from its personal and organizational impact. As an esteemed faculty member for our Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Management, Sheila has helped participants increase their impact and resilience, strengthen collaboration skills, improve inter-disciplinary problem solving, and offered critical professional skills to further reach their potential.
At Nonprofit Austin, we are blessed with a constellation of great teachers whose commitment to community service drives them to join us in strengthening nonprofit practice and improving our world. Sheila Armitage is among the brightest of our stars. Her insights and awesome ability to translate the factors that foster resilience become more important and more urgent every day. 

We thank you, Sheila!
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Barry Silverberg
 “There’s no heavier burden than a great potential” - Charlie Brown
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