Everything begins with an idea.

--Earl Nightingale

They were the first class. Pioneers in an experiment whose success many doubted.

Would busy nonprofit professionals, strapped for time and money, participate in an intense learning journey to comprehensively and systematically explore the key competencies required to be a top-notch nonprofit leader and manager? Would they endure the months of full day learning and activity that was planned with diverse faculty of passionate and expert practitioners?

This class of 2008 led the way. They proved there were many interested in building their careers, expanding their networks, and making real differences in our society.

Now 14 years later, there are no more skeptics. 300+ alumni and a current class of over 20 participants reflect the Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Management’s overwhelming success.

Enjoy the career benefits of being a Certificate alumna. Orientation is September 1, 2021 and classes start September 10, 2021. Find out more.
Planning  •••  Principle of the month
Planning. The process of organizational planning sets the overall direction, activities and strategies a nonprofit uses to fulfill its mission and ties planned activ- ities to a sustainable business model and the annual budgeting process. Organizations should adopt clear strategic priorities that can be acted upon, guide the organization’s decision-making and are revisited regularly. Planning benefits from participation from the breadth of the organization, including stakeholder input (with particular attention to the people served by the organization), assessments of operational and competitive environ- ments, and performance information on the organization’s work.

Read on to learn more about this month’s focus, Planning, based on Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence.

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Test your knowledge. A toolkit for you.
Maggie Miller - Featured Alumni
A Class of 2009 Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Management alumna, Maggie is a force of nature. Once met, she is hard to forget. Her passion to help and to encourage personal and organizational growth seems emanate from her DNA.

Maggie credits the Certificate program for helping her in her leadership journey.
Among her achievements, Maggie founded an international microcredit nonprofit in rural Peru serving indigenous women. As she writes in her soon to be released book, Magnify Your Impact: Powering Profit with Purpose (see below): “Seeing women who lived on a dollar a day realizing their potential and supporting their families was a powerful lesson in how prosperity is born through opportunity.” Through this work, Maggie writes, “I had unearthed my mission: to inspire greatness in others to unleash their potential.”

She and her colleague, Hannah Nokes, have produced an elegant and inspirational book that guides the reader in aligning resources and talents with the business’ core purpose and thereby the organization’s value to everyone involved. Written for for-profit entities, Magnify Your Impact offers an equally useful blueprint for our nonprofit arena. Its focus on meaning and purpose is essential for nonprofit mission success.

Even with over 40 years of experience as a nonprofit leader and manager, our own Director, Barry Silverberg, found himself taking notes and generating new ideas about how he could be more effective. The book reads like a conversation between the authors and the reader.

See Barry's interview with Maggie here!
Restless to effect positive change and to do good and help others to do good, Maggie Miller exemplifies the highest and best outcome we seek in our Certificate graduates. 
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