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Issue No. 21: Watching sick loops with Cache Bunny.

Buoy Friends and Family: 

It has been a heck of a two weeks! It really seems like the world has started to wake up to the notion that we are in this Coronavirus situation for the long haul. And as much as we absolutely despise the phrase "the New Normal," that is what we are approaching as the initial shock and horror of what we will all have to deal with has subsided - hopefully the urge to create is starting to creep out of it's hole. To that end, to day we bring you an interview with someone we truly, truly admire, Cache Bunny. We have included some of her work here but we can't recommend checking out her Instagram page enough because there is so much more to explore. Also! at the end of the email, we are excited to announce another project we have been working tirelessly on for the last month.

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Let's get into this thing!



This weeks feature has been on our hit list for a while now. Cache Bunny (if that is her real name), is a video director and visual effects wiz kid. Her vibrant looping Instagram videos blast the viewer into a joyful, mini acid trip of undulating structures, dancing clones, and addictive beats. Clearly she is not afraid of tedious or time intensive key framing in After Effects (Adobe’s special effects software), Cache has a reputation of making jaw dropping visuals that grab your attention and make even experienced video editors say, “how’d she do that?”

Cache really developed her chops working as an editor at MTV but has been a full time freelancer since 2018. Cache continues to innovate and create for big names like Will Smith, PUMA, Coachella, and Red Bull.

We are so thrilled to have her answer our Q’s this week, so without further ado…

Let's get to the Q's -------

1. How has your regular creative routine been impacted by Coronavirus? If you don’t have one, how has your overall process been affected by the current situation?

CB: The nature of my work is constantly changing and so is my routine! There are some projects where I travel and shoot nonstop for weeks at a time, and others I can do from home without ever picking up a camera. Last year I tried to force myself into a routine with a bed time and specific days set aside for passion projects, and what I realized is that that doesn't work for me. I was much less productive when I prevented myself from getting carried away by ideas, so after that I made myself a promise that whenever I feel inspired I will do whatever it takes to stay in that state of mind. That often means losing sleep, surviving on easy mac, and not going outside for days at a time... and although it may sound weird, that is when I feel the most alive and in my element. 

In the beginning of quarantine, it was incredibly hard to get work done. All the "bored at home" posts made me want to be bored at home too, but I had a ton of work to get done. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get myself to sit at my desk and focus, and I was feeling really down because of it. As I started getting back into a good workflow, I began to realize how much my slacking off had caught up to me. I had a mountain of work to do and no time to get it all done. Well wouldn't you know...I was randomly chatting with a good friend of mine from NYC and she had the exact opposite problem-- lots of time off and no work because of quarantine-- so she started helping me with managerial stuff! We video chat while we work for several hours a day, which forces me to stay accountable and get work done... it's been great for both of us! I also just recently started these "edit parties" where creators come together in a Zoom meeting and hang while we work! We keep our microphones on mute but listen to music together and talk in the chat room, which may not sound like a big deal but it has revolutionized my quarantine. Seeing other people focus and crush it all day is so inspiring and I've been more motivated than ever before! One of the hardest parts of being productive is just getting the motivation to sit at your desk, so if you can make that into something fun that you actually look forward to then you've found the ultimate life hack!

2. Tell us something you feel pressure to do right now, but are putting it off.

CB: I would have had a LONG list of answers to this question a month ago, but since I started working with my new manager, Peyton, we have been able to blow through that list! One thing I do still need to do is go through expenses from a recent job. Organizing receipts is the bane of my existence. 

3. What’s one thing from the world before COVID-19 that you took for granted?

CB: Being to eat / drink whatever I'm craving! What a luxury.

4. What advice would you give a friend (or yourself) who is feeling too stressed and anxious to try to create their art right now?

CB: First of all, it's ok to feel stressed and it happens to all of us. As creatives and as humans. Something that I do when I am having trouble finishing a project is create something small and simple just for fun! Finishing something, even if its just something silly, can really help get your creative confidence back. 

5. From your perspective, what’s been one silver lining in all this?

CB: It's amazing how much everyone is coming together! Normally we use physical distance as an excuse not to keep in touch with friends and family, but this quarantine is teaching us so many new ways to connect and really have fun remotely. My creative network is absolutely flourishing and I could not be more grateful!

We scoured Instagram to bring you some super talented folks, causes you should care about and merch you might wanna pick up to support creatives. Every rec a banger, we hope you enjoy.

Art / Design: Marti Serra (DSORDER)

Marti Serra's digital creations so spectacular, in some cases, they blur the line between photography and design.

Illustration / Animation: Allison Filice

The whimsical outlined and filled illustrations of Allison Filice remind us of some of those psychedelic interstitials on Sesame Street when we were kids - in the best way.

Photography: Scott Choucino

We admire the frankness of Scott Choucino's work - creating amazing textural images with every day objects you cant help but zone out on.

Merch / Non-Profit: Merch Aid

We absolutely love this project. Similar to our rec two weeks ago, Merch Aid is getting local NYC artists to pick their favorite place and make merch for them. 100% of the proceeds go to their selected location.

Wild Card: Natalie Baxter

Natalie Baxter's hand-made works of art have to be seen to really be understood. She uses the materials and aesthetics of babies toys and creates wholly unique sculptures and hilarious tapestries with them. Just check her out. 

We are super pleased to announce that ON THE LINE: Recipies and Stories from the Cooks who Work(ed) the Line of America's Top Restaurants is available for Pre-Order TODAY!
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