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Wellness finds to live better, not perfectly

Vitamin supplements aren’t going to help you live longer. And if you’re choosing between getting a nutrient through food and drinks or a pill, a well-balanced diet has more health benefits.

There are some reasons why you might turn to a vitamin capsule, though: Your diet eliminates certain food groups, you’re pregnant or lactating and need some nutrients that you can’t get from food alone, or you have a disease that makes it harder for your body to absorb certain vitamins from food and leads to a nutrient deficiency.

That’s what makes personalized vitamins so appealing. They typically involve some type of online assessment to figure out what your vitamin pack should look like based on your diet and health. Compared to winging it in the supplement aisle at your local pharmacy, a layer of customization is a level up.

That being said, it’s no substitute for consulting your doctor, who will likely identify your deficiencies based on bloodwork and a physical. (That’s how I know that I should be taking vitamin D but can ditch most of the other bottles in my medicine cabinet.)

Personalized vitamins are a convenient compromise between a doctor’s visit and taking all the trendy supplements under the sun. If you’re looking to try one out, we reviewed four of the most popular personalized vitamin subscriptions. And 730 pills and a big ole bag of protein powder later, Persona emerged as our top pick. But just barely. Care/of came in close second. You can read our full review to see what else made the cut.

How do you decide which vitamins and supplements to take?

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First Sightings 👀

Daily Practice’s first hero product, Eye Revive, is a three-in-one that cleanses, hydrates, and removes residual makeup. She’s got the range

My food storage situation is essentially a mismatched collection of take-out containers. It works, and it’s free-ish. That being said, if you’re looking for a more adult, aesthetically-pleasing set, Caraway just dropped ceramic-coated glass containers

If you’re looking for a set that takes up minimal space, Stojo has collapsible containers. These have targeted me for months, maybe years?? but it wasn’t until a take-out container slipped outta the pantry and onto my face that I thought… maybe we’re due for an upgrade

This packable puffer from Free People isn’t the cheapest, but I can vouch for it. I personally prefer a pullover that feels lightweight, can be scrunched up into the crevices of my suitcase, keeps me warm, and still manages to look cute

Getting intimate for a second but, do you have dedicated workout undergarments? Intuitively, there are some pieces that are softer or just hide better under athleisure than others. So I’m really into this brand Netherlin that seemingly has just one product, and it’s a sport thong. Among other features, it allegedly feels comfy up your bum and eliminates odor

As far as celebrity wellness lines go, Travis Barker’s vegan CBD-forward one seems a lot more grounded in what people might want. Like a $25 CBD bath soak, a $40 muscle therapy balm, and a $60 2-in-1 face cleanser and mask

My current shower liner system is to buy a new one online when I start to notice grime or mold. Admittedly gross but who remembers the exact date they bought their liner?? Outlines has a shower liner subscription that is super easy to install and also fully recyclable

Womaness, which makes menopause-solution products, has all-over body wipes that are convenient for bringing on the move

This Patagonia mini hip pack is colorful and fun and tough and lightweight and even though it’s called a “hip” pack you can also wear it crossbody

Acid League dropped a Koji Kit—koji is the mold-inoculated grains that make some of your favorite umami ingredients like soy sauce and miso. The kit has four products: Shio Caramel Apple Shrub Syrup, Funky Furikake Crispy Topping, Koji Kabocha Sweet and Sour Sauce, and Pikoji de Gallo Blistered Salsa

A SurfSkate board is essentially a skateboard that mimics the movement of a surfboard so that you can practice your surfing skills on solid ground. SwellTech has a hybrid model that they recommend for people around 5’2’’ to 6’

Leath has a beautiful little countertop grow system for microgreens

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A person pouring bone broth into a mug

Bone broth is from the prehistoric era, and yet it only recently came out as a wellness trend. It does have a bunch of healthy benefits—it might help with things like digestion and inflammation—but it also just tastes quite nice. Kettle & Fire wants to make bone broth more convenient with its sippable packages that have a pretty long shelf life. And our readers can get 15% off their order with the code KNFNESS or at this link

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