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We considered a lot of people for our list of the 100 most influential people in wellness right now. These aren’t just people with influence—influence isn’t a neutral characteristic, especially in the wellness space. There’s a lot of misinformation, pseudoscience, and other harmful messaging that show up on our feeds. It’s like a virus.

We didn’t just scroll through Instagram to find the coolest people in wellness (we didn’t not do that, though). We also used the very same guidelines we use to think about wellness at Ness and review products, which themselves rely on guidelines set by health organizations like the CDC and WHO. Basically, we wanted to make sure these cool people are using their power and influence for good.

And so we were mindful that our list includes influencers with a positive effect on the wellbeing of their followers, and that they aren’t just fit people drinking $14 smoothies and telling you to, too. Our influencers have the range. They include an expert in breastfeeding, a medical student spotlighting racial disparities in medicine, a Nike Run Club trainer, some serious Pilates girlies, and a self-taught vegan chef. To name a few.

I’m pretty stoked about this year’s wellfluencer class. I’m already learning a lot, feeling validated in my emotions and needs, discovering approachable wellness tips, and inspired to gear up and head into nature.

Check ‘em out! 📱✨

Take care,

Melanie, editor at Nessie Sightings

PS: I spent a lot (a lot) of time hanging out on their grids for this issue, so we decided to share some cool products we spotted, below. (#NotAnAd)

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Joggy’s cooling CBD recovery balm to roll on sore areas before or after a workout

This spiky little Neuro Ball that massages your foot muscles and also splits in two to help with muscle release on the bottom of your feet

This Willow Go wearable breast pump

A limited-edition pumpkin spice face lotion and body spray duo from Black Girl Sunscreen

A cork yoga block from the Manduka with Adriene Collection

These stretchy, comfy little buffer rings to help partners adjust depth if penetration feels to deep for them

This guided mental health workbook Feeling Good! from psychotherapist Kojo Sarfo

And Priyanka Naik’s cookbook with 55 on-the-go vegan dishes

These high waist flare leggings for my fellow Pilates girlies

Just a classic knit cuffed beanie to keep your noggin warm in the winter

A (not cheap) bottle of perfume with notes of Sicilian lemon, mandarin, orange flower, Egyptian jasmine and vanilla, sandalwood, and waterlily “to feel alive and uninhibited”

A box of Kashi’s organic honey toasted oat cereal, if you’re trying to mix up your convenient breakfast game

matcha LOVE’s ceremonial green tea powder, which is packed with vitamin C, antioxidants, catechins, EGCGs, and L-theanine

If you’re going camping and lacking in gear, consider this hiker-endorsed 2-person tent, AeroPress Go travel coffee press, and backpacker’s pad thai

Acure’s Radically Rejuvenating Whipped Night Cream is a $20 dupe of Drunk Elephant’s $68 Protini Polypeptide Cream

Hyperice’s portable air compression calf massager (seriously, it’s TSA-approved and so smol!)

A one shoulder exercise dress, whether it’s your first or your sixth

A wind and water-resistant hooded jacket that is apparently made out of the world’s lightest material

A can of Cento’s San Marzano peeled tomatoes, cause it’s stew season

In the Wild header with a hiking boot

A toxic (disrespectful, non-inclusive, unethical, cutthroat, abusive) workplace is bad for your health

If you don’t have the time, energy, or desire to workout over the holidays… that is absolutely fine (and maybe even productive)

The latest regrettable trend: Surgically removing a precious pad of fat from your cheeks

CDC-approved transparent face masks!

Baby furniture is a billion-dollar industry

The ‘hot girl walk’ trend has leveled up to fitness class

These are just some of the stories of women who say their pain and suffering has been dismissed or misdiagnosed by doctors

A very promising development in an mRNA vaccine for melanoma

If you’re ruminating on your New Year’s resolution, read this

A Deal header with gems and flowers

We think guided meditation app Headspace is a great way to take a beat during the holidays. Holiday stress and anxiety (and holiday party anxiety) is real. Headspace is giving 25% off its annual subscription with the code 25GIFT2022A. (Note: The deal runs through December 25th.) A boundary-setting tip: Carve out a meditative window and let your family know you'll be incommunicado at a certain time.

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