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When we’ve given money to folks in our community to spend on health and wellness in our Wellness Diary series, Therabody products almost always seem to make the list. I get it! Working out and merely existing takes a toll on your muscles, and a massage gun is a life-changer for recovery. It can target those specific aching muscles after a run or a long day slouching at your keyboard. Or, if you’re 30+, after a night where you kinda slept weird. They’re also good for warming up your muscles before a workout.

Massage guns use targeted percussive therapy on your muscles: That’s when the attachment head moves up and down really fast on your body. The Theragun Pro pulses 40 times per second, for context.

“By constantly applying a stimulus to the muscles, your nervous system ‘calms down’ and can temporarily relieve pain, stiffness, and muscle aches,” Jesse Feder, RDN, CPT, CSCS told us.

While Therabody is often viewed as That Girl in the massage gun space, every body and its needs are different, and so you should choose a gun and attachment that best serves you. There’s the $499 Theragun Pro that has six different attachments for the most holistic recovery needs and rave reviews. There’s the $249 Hyperice Hypervolt 2 which is good for people with smaller hands and comes with five attachments. There’s the $120 Sportneer Elite D9, a budget-friendly massage gun, that comes with six pre-programmed speeds. And the $229.99 Ekrin B37, which also has six attachments and is loved for its lifetime warranty and customer care services.

Now here’s your short and sweet guide on how to use a massage gun for recovery, thanks to our sister site: Once your massage gun is in hand, make sure you power on the device away from your body. This helps avoid injury and also find a setting you like. And start slow. You should also “float” the gun on top of your skin instead of applying pressure. When I hear “massage” my instinct is to push that baby down onto my muscles and work out those knots and kinks or whatever, but that’s actually counterintuitive. The goal is to decrease inflammation, not cause more. And finally, move to different muscle groups about every 30 seconds to two minutes.

Maybe even more importantly, here’s what not to do (this is not exhaustive, people do weird things): Don’t use it on your bones. Don’t use it on musculoskeletal injuries like sprains or strains. Try not to use it on bruises or open wounds. Don’t use it on pain that seems unrelated to sore muscles. Don’t use it for more than two minutes in one spot, or for more than 15 minutes at a time.

If you’ve got a favorite massage gun that didn’t make the above list, slide into my inbox with those recs.

Melanie, editor at The Nessie

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