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Wellness finds to live better, not perfectly

A lot of health and fitness advice seems to center (famously) on, just do it! Imagine how AMAZING you’ll feel after. Let thriving, Future You serve as your motivation. That’s… a little helpful. But when current me is exhausted, overwhelmed, maybe anxious or depressed, or just really comfy on the couch, that alleged Future Me seems pretty out of reach.

That’s why I’m really into this more feasible piece of advice from David Johnson, an assistant professor in the department of counseling at Wake Forest University. “Start with increments of time that seem feasible,” Johnson told us. “If trying to meditate for 20 minutes seems unrealistic, then think of a number that feels realistic, and try for half of that ‘realistic’ number. Then, you can increase your time as needed.” He’s speaking specifically about meditation, but I think it can apply to a lot of other things.

Just replace “meditate” with whatever health or fitness activity you’re trying to amp yourself up to do. I already kind of do this with my daily steps: I want to log three miles a day, but I know some days that number might feel unmanageable, and so, in my daily planner, I just have “one mile” written in my MOST IMPORTANT section. I see that number and I’m like, “Yeah, sure, I can squeeze that in.” More often than not, I exceed it.

Going Halfsies™ isn’t incentivizing you by making you do less or selling yourself short. It’s just helping you get over a mental block that a more intimidating goal might create. It’s not lazy (I hate that word, BTW), it’s strategic—making a big hurdle a little bit smaller, just so you know you can clear it (and then some). You don’t have to imagine some sweating, smiling Future You. Just lower the barrier to entry for sweating, smiling Future You.

Johnson’s pointer is part of our larger guide on the best times of day to meditate. We’ve also tested meditation apps (Calm is our favorite paid, Healthy Minds Program is our favorite free), meditation cushions (the Lotuscrafts and Brentwood Home Crystal Cove are among our favorites), and breathwork apps (we love Breathwrk the most). I also really love Walden’s collection of meditation support products from a functional and design standpoint.

Whether you’re trying to hype yourself up to meditate, go for a run, lift some weights, practice some yoga, go on a hike… try Going Halfsies™.

Melanie, editor at The Nessie

First Sightings 👀

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Bala dropped a new, limited-time colorway today for its bangles, bars, power ring and beam, and it reminds me of sunshine ☀️

Adidas and South African designer Thebe Magugu just launched a Tennis performance collection that is gender-neutral and size-inclusive

Very excited for the Courtside launch on the 18th. The hydrating coconut water brand is dropping a coconut lime, berry lemonade, and mango passionfruit flavor. “Courtside was born out of kickball scrimmages, pickup basketball, and days at the park,” a Courtside rep told us. “We searched for sports drink options for the recreationalist—those looking for simple, understandable, natural hydration for activity.”

That Oatly, Stumptown, etc. recall has expanded, with some Grumpy’s, Organic Valley, Kate Farms, PediaSure, and Ensure harvest products added to the list.

Alo Yoga is having an up to 40% off sale right now

yiayia and friends—which sells olive oils, vinegars, and healthy snacks—has perhaps my favorite label design right now

Candace Wu, one of the founders of Wonder Monday, was strolling the aisles of her local grocery stores with her boyfriend and couldn’t find a cheesecake that fit their lifestyles. “Everything was filled with artificial colors, preservatives, seed oils, added sugar and calories,” she told us. “So we decided to make our own!” They spent over a year developing their high protein, low carb, no sugar added cheesecake snacks. Their best seller right now is their Fun & Fruity Bundle.

Amazon’s virtual healthcare program partnered with mental health company Ginger

A reminder to take at least three coronavirus antigen tests, spaced two days apart

A registered nurse recommended a bunch of shoes to walk safely and comfortably on the beach, and MY favorite beach walk shoes made the cut: Teva’s $40 Hurricane Drift sandals. Your feet are going to get sandy, and the rubbery material makes it extremely easy to just rinse ‘em off.

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A deal! 💸

A person applying mineral deodorant

What we put on our body can be as important as what we put in it, which is why I respect hair, skin, and mouth care brand Wellnesse’s commitment to ingredient transparency. You can see a list of everything in their products along with each of their Environmental Working Group ratings. They’re giving our readers 20% off their order with the code NESS20. Their most popular items include a $13.50 mineral deodorant, a $12.60 children’s strawberry toothpaste, a $12.60 mint whitening toothpaste, and a $16.20 summer melon and dandelion cleansing shampoo. Offer is active through Monday, August 22nd.

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