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And that’s a wrap

Thank you for tuning into our very first newsletter care package!

As a recap, we had thoughtful essays on overcoming gymtimidation, the loaded task of approaching the doctor’s office scale, how a weighted blanket helped someone with overstimulation, and why weight training helped shift a mindset around exercise while in eating disorder recovery.

We also had an interview with trauma-informed personal trainer Laura Khoudari, a book excerpt from emergency room physician Dr. Calvin D. Sun, prenatal strength training moves from trainer Ashley Joi, and a Wellness Diaries from vegan athlete Lee Jimenez.

We’re heading back to regularly scheduled programming next week (stay tuned for roller skating content and a special company announcement), but we’re so grateful for those of you that joined us on this Weight a Sec journey. We hope you learned something new.

What was your favorite issue of the series?

Take care,

Melanie, editor at The Nessie

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