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The Theragun is a reader favorite, for good reason! It’s a beautiful little massage gun with beaming reviews across the board. That being said, the smallest and cheapest version, the Mini, is $179. And that’s when it’s on sale.

A bunch of our Wellness Diaries winners (for the uninitiated, those are people in our community who won $1,000 to spend on wellness) included a Therabody product in their picks. The ability to give yourself a percussive massage from the comfort of your home beats a massage therapist in cost and convenience (if not in luxury or skill), so massage guns are an appealing product! But one of the gold standards in the space (Therabody) doesn’t come cheap, so when people had free money to spend, it was a splurge.

You shouldn’t have to win $1,000 to enjoy the benefits of a massage gun. So one of our reviewers spent a month testing four of the most popular ones that’re under $100. Her top pick is the Ruisbaitata which ranges in price from $39.99 to $69.99.

A massage gun is a game changer if you have tight or sore muscles or just want to activate them before a workout. It can also reduce inflammation and increase blood and lymphatic circulation. And it does all this by, essentially, vibrating really freaking fast on your body. Our reviewer noted not to underestimate the relief you might get if you use one on your face, especially if you experience TMJ.

If you have a massage gun you can’t live without, I wanna know what it is! Just hit reply. (Alternatively, if you tried a massage gun that you hated, I really wanna know.)

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First Sightings 👀

Fishwife just dropped a new tinned fish product—Rainbow Trout Jerky Gems—which I learned is the most prime cut of the trout (the tenderloin!)

CeraVe’s Acne Skin Care Set is on sale!

I’m trying to be more mindful about transitioning to products that offer refills, when possible, and I was recently targeted by biom’s plant-based and biodegradable cleaning wipes kit. I like that the dispenser itself is matte and comes in colors that’ll mesh well with my aesthetic preferences

I read a trend piece recently that said chamomile is showing up everywhere, and then I stumbled upon this nighttime moisturizing treatment that incorporates Blue Tansy (also known as Moroccan chamomile)

If you have some small tattoos, People of Substance made a little balm stick to keep them nourished and glowing

Christina Applegate, who was diagnosed with MS last year, shared a picture of some of her new and essential accessories leading up to a public appearance. They’re from Neo Walk, which makes ergonomic translucent walking sticks. It’s giving see-through Y2K aesthetic

I’ve seen a handful of period underwear products and a lot of them have the same look, so I appreciate that ohne’s high-waist briefs come in a few different fun colors

Into OffCourt’s body wash trio pack which has some glycolic and lactic acids to add a layer of exfoliation

If you have a permanent disability, you can get a free, lifetime Access Pass to more than 2,000 National Park recreation sites (h/t @kamredlawsk)

Admittedly, a very strong pumpkin candle gives me a headache. I’m sorry! BUT if, unlike me, you wanna waft in a room that smells like Christian Girl Autumn, Snif dropped this tasty looking candle with Half Baked Harvest (aka food blogger Tieghan Gerard). It’s sold out at the moment but available for pre-order

On a similar holiday note, Blume has a nut nog blend that’s a plant-based take on the classic

These functional mushroom supplements look like Dippin’ Dots in a pill

Very into this new carbon negative potting soil

Shoutout to this week’s Scouts for their recs! Jeremy D. put GOWOD on my radar. He described it as a personal trainer, but for stretching, and you can take a diagnostic test to figure out what areas you should focus on

Sara H. says she’s very into Allbirds’ workout apparel, like this tank and these leggings. And they’re on sale right now! “The tank top is actually supportive enough to run in, which is rare, and it’s made out of a merino blend so it retains less odor”

And Korina E. recommended Chomps grass-fed beef jerky sticks. Her favorite flavors are Jalapeño Beef and Jalapeño Turkey

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A person

When we reviewed the best personalized vitamins, Persona emerged as our top pick. We liked it because it had an extremely thorough assessment, gave us detailed insights for each recommended supplement, and looked for potential interactions with other medications. In short, it felt the most customized and trustworthy. And Persona is giving our readers 60% off their first month subscription and a free immune boost pack!

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