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I love gift guides, and if you’ve been reading this newsletter for a minute, then you’ve also probably seen me call them capitalist lookbooks. Emphasis on lookbook, because sometimes it’s nice to just see what other people think you might want to spend money on.

It’s also nice to see what other people think you should buy for your dad (it’s always grilling stuff for some reason), for your partner, for your friend who just had a baby, etc. If you think it might be nice to see what we think you should buy for someone who is super into health and wellness, have we got a little shopping guide for you.

This person might already seem to have all the things they could conceivably want and need—a workout set in every color, their favorite blender and all the fun little supplement powders to throw in it, all the equipment needed to sweat it out.

So we curated 17 healthy gifts for someone who’s really into wellness, like the very best running socks, our favorite acupressure mat, recovery slides that our reviewer says feels like “clouds,” and a book that encourages them to question the self-care industry (just a little). And it’s worth noting that many of these finds are a result of our reviewers doing tedious, tedious research to figure out what the best item is in its category.

And if you’re not looking to buy anything right now, that’s cool. Enjoy the lookbook.

Melanie, editor at Nessie Sightings

First Sightings 👀

Bala is donating 10% of sales from its Blush products (they are the a soft shade of pink) to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation this month, per my inbox

Canopy (a reader favorite humidifier) collabed with Korean skincare company Laneige for an overnight hydration bundle

Lemme, Kourtney Kardahsian’s gummy vitamin brand, is dropping a debloat product (called Debloat) on October 11th

Eight Sleep is having an early fall sale! You can get $100 off its Pod Mattresses, $50 off its Pod Covers, and 20% off accessories if you buy a pod or cover. (Discounts are automatically applied at checkout)

I did a sober beach crawl this week, which means I walked around 12 miles to hit up all the local beach cities, and the Mega Babe anti-chafing stick was a godsend

A very cool cushioned running shoe that is not from Hoka (I love you, Hoka, but I gotta expand my horizons)

(Just kidding) Here’s Hoka’s latest drop, the Tor Ultra Hi lightweight hiking shoe

These pill boxes are an acid trip. I mean that as a compliment, they’re so vibrant and joyful and weird. I especially love this one with little video game controllers on it. The artist is currently on hiatus to tend to their health (good for them), but I’m staying very tuned for when there’s another product drop.

Myya sells the loveliest mastectomy bras, and they even have Certified Mastectomy Fitters to help with virtual fittings

I wasn’t aware that mattress brand Avocado also has a yoga and meditation collection

Amazon is dropping a bedside sleep tracker, called Halo Rise, which also wakes you up with that simulated sunrise light. If you’re into the wake-up light but not the data collection, Casper and Hatch have options

I keep seeing this lupini bean-based brand pop up on my channels. Lupii sells bars, but I’m more intrigued by the pasta selection

Diaspora Co. dropped a new spice: Madhur Jaggery, an unrefined natural sugar and “precolonial sweetener of South Asia”

It takes a lot of self-control for me to not buy every beautiful exfoliating soap bar I come across, like OffCourt’s fig leaves and white musk bar

Burdock Brewery’s non-alcoholic sparkling pickle water (!!)

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In the wild 🌾

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Indie running shoe brands, a revolution!

Dove worked with eating disorder experts and economists to show how beauty ideals are a public health crisis

Are clean beauty products actually healthy and sustainable?

You might be able to literally pass down the benefits of your workout to your future children

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Young people are increasingly turning to drugs for escapism

This private women’s college in NYC is going to provide abortion pills on campus

Medical debt is punishment

A deal! 💸

Pregnant person in a sweater and beanie

HATCH is a lifestyle brand for pregnant people at all stages, through each trimester to postpartum motherhood. If you haven’t checked out its sweater weather collection yet, it is so cozy (100% wool!) and designed to adapt to your changing body. My favorites are this knit dress with side slits and this striped crew sweater. Plus, the brand curated some use case-specific bundles, like a hospital essentials box and hospital departure bundle. Our readers can get 15% off their order with the code NESS15.

We write for people looking for approachable health and wellness finds and insights. All products and services are independently selected to provide recommendations you can trust. We may receive commission on purchases made from some of our links, but that’s not why we’re here. We just want to help you find good stuff.

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