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There are a lot of reasons why someone can reasonably expect to feel bloated. Working out isn't one of them. And yet, it can happen—to an annoying, counterintuitive-feeling effect. You just moved your body meaningfully in some way, you want to feel toned and sprightly, not like you gulped down a glass of air. (When you’re bloated, you’re usually feeling literal air.)

Things like drinking too much water too quickly (hyponatremia), eating too soon before a workout (even if it’s just a protein bar), inhaling quickly and intensely while you go at it (aerophagia), going too hard too soon (producing too much cortisol), and even just going to a workout class that’s really hot (like hot yoga) can all cause some bloating.

Our editors have six tips to beat post-workout bloat: Hydrate properly, focus on your breathwork, choose simple carbs for your pre-workout snack (like fruit, yogurt, or a smoothie), dress in lightweight and breathable clothes, plan a rest day, and stretch after your workout.

A reminder that while bloat can be kinda uncomfortable and maybe doesn’t feel amazing under hella tight spandex, it’s usually not a cause for concern, and should go away within a few hours. If it lasts longer or is accompanied by other painful symptoms, though, you should talk to a healthcare professional.

I’ve definitely experienced a li’l post-workout puffy belly in the past. I know for me, it’s because I went a little too hard on my 48-ounce water bottle. (I have indeed Googled how much water is too much water, your girl isn’t trying to hydrate to the point of water intoxication.) And so now I know to sub some of nature’s finest for some electrolyte drinks. (I like the peach-flavored Propels.)

Stay (properly) hydrated, friends.

Melanie, editor at The Nessie

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A deal! 💸

Two people working out together outside

Walking into a gym and asking for a personal trainer might not be your thing. But maybe finding a coach online that’ll work with you in the gym, at home, or on-the-go, and that you can check in with daily over text is more your vibe. That’s what Future offers, and they’re giving our readers 50% off for the first three months at this link.

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