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Wellness finds to live better, not perfectly

Weighted hula hoops have hundreds of millions of views on TikTok, and a lot of the videos are centered around weight loss. I randomly watched a dozen or so today, and a majority of them are chronicling a weight loss journey, showing off day to day changes in waist sizes.

I’m usually pretty skeptical about TikTok weight loss trends. For one, TikTok is flooded with health myths. (Influencers have told me to pour a bunch of hydrogen peroxide straight into my ear canal and also onto my teeth, to shove a garlic clove up my nose, to eat papaya seeds to get rid of potential worms in my gut, and to treat a yeast infection with yogurt, to name a few.)

In general, it’s hard to identify if a weight loss journey that you’re viewing in 15-second clips is sustainable, healthy, and not for the purpose of loving oneself or chasing a flawed standard of beauty.

But if you see enough smiling fitness influencers spreading the alleged gospel of the latest gadget and how it gave them their dream body, it’s hard not to be tempted to add to cart fast with the hopes of sharing that experience. But not all of these influencers have done their homework or are professionally certified. They’re probably getting paid for each purchase they influence, too.

This is a long-winded introduction to our favorite weighted hula hoop.

Our reviewer did three workouts with five different weighted hula hoops, and ranked them based on assembly, comfort, ease of use, functionality, and customer reviews. And generally how enjoyable the low-impact cardio workout was.

We also found that weight loss is possible through hooping, if that’s your goal, but you might need to complement it with other types of exercise and a healthy diet. “If you just put on a hoop and think that is all that is needed, you will max out on weight and plateau quickly,” certified personal trainer and yoga instructor Karla Horton, who teaches weighted hoop fitness classes, told us.

Our top pick is the Dumoyi Smart Weighted Fit Hoop ($50). It was the easiest to get the hang of, is lightweight, has an adjustable rope for beginners, extra massage heads for comfort, and doesn’t take up much space. The rest of our rankings, and also some more info on the exercise practice, are on our sister site.

Have you made an impulse purchase of a health or fitness product based on a TikTok video? Did it meet your expectations? I wanna hear about your experience.

Melanie, editor at Nessie Sightings

First Sightings 👀

There’s no reason pillboxes shouldn’t be cute or smart or both. So I’m always delighted to see more options in the space to modernize an essential daily practice of millions of people. Ellie is one of those options. Co-founder Regina Vatterott suffered a stroke and had to take a lot of pills during rehab. The usual tedious organizers inspired her to create a pill box that’s aesthetically pretty cool and uses lights on the cover to visualize which pills you need to take after sending your phone a notification

I got my Pop Up Grocer box in the mail over the weekend. I’m most excited to try the Dirtbag chocolate bar (will report back), and am a fan of The New Primal mini meat sticks. I tried the pizza flavor. I like it!

These adidas TERREX FREE HIKER 2 hiking boots!! I love that they have a snug sock-like fit at the ankle to make them easy to slip on, and the colorways are also very fun. I’m into a pink hiking boot. Also available for men

The Canopy humidifier, a reader favorite, has new limited edition colors: Jade, Cream, and Rose

The Tracksmith and J. Crew collab dropped, and it’s good. Like this men’s long-sleeve wool crew neck and these women’s drawstring shorts

And a new Goodles flavor: Down the Hatch (which is hatch chile popper mac, so a li’l kick)

This abs roller wheel kit and this under desk bike pedal exerciser are both on sale right now. Relatedly, has anyone actually used an under desk bike and if so, can you let me know what that’s like?

When people ask me where I got my air fryer, I say, out loud, “It’s from the Beautiful by Drew Barrymore collection.” It is, indeed, beautiful, and most of her collection is pretty affordable. The new stainless steel 5-in-1 skillet doesn’t disappoint

Work and creativity writer Kara Cutruzzula’s guided encouragement journal Do It Today just dropped

Apparently there’s a lube-warming machine that works similarly to an automatic hand sanny machine (wave your hand for some lukewarm lube!). Rubbing your hands together real fast is free, but I stumbled upon this and so I had to share it, as a courtesy

Hiking app AllTrails is giving a free annual membership of its paid version (you can do things like download maps for when you’re offline, check air quality, and get notified when you’re taking a wrong turn) if you take a hike. The one catch: You have to take a hike in West Virginia

This binocular bundle developed together with indigenous artist Amelia Winger-Bearskin

I’ve never been much of a robe person but this Casper duvet blanket with arm holes is doing it for me

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A deal! 💸

Scarlett Johansson holding The Outset cleanser

I get overwhelmed on a lot of skincare sites that’re new to me. With all the different types of serums, moisturizers, cleansers, toners, exfoliators, etc etc., I experience decision fatigue. What I immediately loved about The Outset is that they really just want you to have a three-step regimen: A cleanser, a serum, and a moisturizer. Their mission is to simplify skincare, which, looking at my medicine cabinet full of half-used samples and bottles, is a waste-less and admirable effort. (Plus, you can buy refills.) Our readers can get 20% off and free shipping with the code FRIENDS20 at checkout.

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