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Sexual health and wellness isn’t just about sex. (But yes, that’s part of it!) (And no, you don’t need a partner to enjoy it!) (Yes, I’m talking about masturbation.)

It’s about feeling safe and secure and consenting and informed in your sexuality, sexual relationships, and sexual experiences. And that requires access to accurate and inclusive sex education and care.

It can also mean access to goodies that amplify acts of pleasure, protect you from sexually transmitted infections, and empower your intimate side.

And we’ve got some goodies. To celebrate World Sexual Health Month, we’ve partnered with a bunch of sexy brands to curate a very sexy self-care package. On October 3rd, we will select three winners to receive these carefully-curated bundles.

What’s inside, you ask?

A gallery of products included in the giveaway

Each winner will get Giddy Health vitamins, Jems condoms and a merch bundle (which includes a hoodie and condom tin), a TBD Health emergency contraception kit, Personal Fav bedroom oil, a Uqora Complete Regimen bundle and UTI Emergency Kit, and a product from Foria’s Intimacy Collection.

Enter to win! 🎁

A deal! 💸

Hands holding August period products

This one’s for all our readers. August makes cool-kid period gear, including sustainable pads, tampons, and liners for people who understand that well-designed menstrual product packaging can absolutely be a fashion statement. (The founder, Nadya Okamoto, has 3 million followers on TikTok for making periods and its accessories very cool and relatable.) This deal gets you $5 off any August order, which is enough to add a cute zippered carrying pouch to your order, BTW. Just use the code apwign at checkout!

If you’re thinking, I don’t get my period so I don’t need these products. Do you have menstruating friends? Loved ones? Partners? Consider keeping a stash in your bathroom for when guests might need them.

We write for people looking for approachable health and wellness finds and insights. All products and services are independently selected to provide recommendations you can trust. We may receive commission on purchases made from some of our links, but that’s not why we’re here. We just want to help you find good stuff.

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