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A reusable bottle is good for the planet, financially responsible, and can come in almost comedic sizes. As in, a full gallon.

The one-gallon water bottle is not a benchmark for how much water you need in a day. Harvard Health recommends four to six cups a day for people who are generally healthy. That’s 48 to 64 ounces. For reference, a gallon is 128 ounces.

BUT a gallon water bottle is aspirational. It’s inspirational. It can be shared, taken on a camping or road trip, or how I use it: As a personal hydration station I only need to refill once every two days or so.

Here are some photos of objectively attractive, fit men holding gallon water bottles for size reference:

That bottle they’re holding—the $29.99 HydroJug—also happens to be our reviewer’s favorite one-gallon water bottle. If you’re wondering how you review a big-ass water bottle, we brought five different jugs on daily outings, road trips, family hangouts, outdoor sporting events, and a weekend camping trip; carried it in the car, a backpack, and a tote bag; washed it a few times by hand; and looked at how long they could hold ice or retain heat.

We also reviewed a bottle with little motivational markers along the side (“keep chugging”).

We hope you find a container you like to remain hydrated. If you’re already repping the one-gallon bottle club, let us know what you’re using.

Melanie, editor at Nessie Sightings

PS: Love Is Blind Pilates girlie Raven Ross is sharing how she spent $1,000 on wellness with us. Stay tuned for Friday’s issue 👀

First Sightings header with a grocery bag and protein bar

This colorblocked fleece pullover is so fun! I wanna wear it every day (Plus it’s on sale right now)

We used a Pilates chair at my class last week, and both my mom and I loved it. It was a fun change of scenery (from staring at the ceiling from the floor or reformer) and I like that it doesn’t take up too much space. This one’s on sale for $80!

I love affordable massage tools that look like I’d find them in a CVS or Sharper Image aisle, like the Wave soft tissue release tool

Baddie Cleanse is a body wash with salicylic acid, which can help if you tend to break out on your body. Plus the bottle looks cute on your shower shelf :)

On Running’s Cloud x Shift sneaker is on sale! It’s designed to be worn all day and for home workouts

Flamingo Estate dropped a Ski Chalet collection and this skin strength muscle soak makes me wanna cross country ski through a wintry forest until my body aches and then pour a cup of these salts into a warm bath

Another colorblock fleece! I want to throw this on before a brisk walk around the neighborhood or for a cozy night in with my friends

My sister, a mac and cheese stan, is a huge endorser of Goodles. Same here, but I’m slightly lactose-intolerant, so I love that the brand has a vegan option (also to share with my plant-based friends!)

2023, the year we worship The Nap Bishop

Tabitha Brown dropped a new vegan line for Target, and it’s very good. Look at this vegan chimichurri aioli spread and this vegan truffle garlic spread

Also, the year we commit to healthy habit-building. I’m very into this sticker-focused goal tracking sheet. Maybe you are trying to walk 10,000 steps a day for 100 days. Maybe you want to consistently drink 24 ounces of water. Maybe you want to send one thoughtful text to a friend every week. Maybe you want to be in bed by 9pm. Mark your achievements with a li’l sticky.

A Deal header with gems and flowers

Cactus may help lower blood sugar, can be heart-healthy, and has a ton of vitamins and minerals. (Plus, it’s a drought-resistant crop.) A lot of up-and-coming brands are incorporating the plant into their goods, like Pricklee’s flavored cactus water. When you’re not drinking out of your gallon water bottle, you can get 15% off your Pricklee order with the code NESS 🌵

In the Wild header with a hiking boot

“Still, the true Los Ang-ularity may not occur until New York gains its very own branch of the ultimate Los Angeles symbol of health and wealth: the upscale organic grocery store Erewhon.”

The specialty coffee space is getting a little more eccentric, maximalist, fun

Affordable child care through the lens of wellness

Anna Samson went on a journey to see if lucid dreaming could have therapeutic benefits for her anxiety

Chipotle is dropping Snapchat Lens with meditation prompts and exercises “to promote wellness

Keep your health goals simple

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