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I feel like a really intimate piece of trivia about someone is the type of footwear they wear around their home. We’re an Allbirds Wool Dwellers household (though my partner just ordered some new ergonomic slippies online that are en route), but I’ve recently been exploring a vibe shift: Recovery sandals, or shoes with extra-supportive footbeds that are meant to offer relief for aches, pains, and strains in the feet.

I wanna be cozy, I want shoes that remain indoor shoes, and I also want support. Recovery sandals check two of those boxes, and any shoes can be indoor shoes if I say so. Most recovery sandals are made from a springy foam that is soft and flexible. Who says an indoor slipper can’t be foamy?

Our reviewer spent a month with six pairs of the top-rated recovery sandals. To test each, she ran between three and 10 miles and then wore the sandals while prepping dinner, chasing after her toddler, and doing things around the house. She also wore each outdoors to get a sense of their traction. (Also important when you’re running excitedly from your bedroom to the front door to get your Doordash order.)

The OOFOS Ooahh Recovery Slide Sandal ($59.95) was her favorite, and our best overall. The best for active recovery are the Chaco Chillos Slide Sandals. The best for runners and athletes are the HOKA Ora Recovery Slide Sandals. The most affordable are the Crocs Classic Slide Sandals. And the best for minimalists are the Birkenstock Arizona Essentials EVA Sandals. Read more about how to find the best pair for you on our sister site.

“I’m not a big fan of going barefoot,” Dr. Pamela Hoffman, a New York-based podiatrist with nearly 40 years in the business, told us. “Plantar fasciitis [inflammation around the foot arch, which causes pain] was like an epidemic during Covid because half the world was in their house for two years in their socks. We need to wear shoes!” Hoffman likes recovery sandals for the way they absorb impact and slightly elevate the heel, relieving tight calves.

“Recovery shoes help to cushion and support your feet, and they line you up better—they support biomechanics,” said Hoffman. “They tend to have a nice, wide toe box and good arch support.”

If you feel like being intimate for a moment, I have to ask: What shoes do you wear around your home? Hit reply with those gems.

Melanie, editor at Nessie Sightings

First Sightings 👀

The shoes I probably wear the most? My Teva ReEMBERs. I’m a sucker for shoes that are easy to slip on before I run to get a coffee or go to the store, and admittedly I get the most compliments on them. They just dropped a mule version, and I bought that thing so fast.

New Recess flavor alert—raspberry lemon mood

The Slanted Door, a farm-to-table Vietnamese restaurant in San Francisco, has pho and steamed buns kits on Goldbelly, which sound like a highly soothing dinner date at home

A few weeks back we mentioned Pisces, a water cremation service. Return Home is another modern deathcare option that uses human composting to turn remains into life-giving soil. I love the idea of becoming one with a beautiful tree to provide some shade, some oxygen, a reading nook

I keep thinking that all of these “atmosphere protecting” skincare products are going to be increasingly relevant as the air around us becomes more and more cluttered with pollutants. Like selfmade’s comfort serum

It’s hard to rationalize splurging on pet accessories—your dog probably doesn’t care that their leash is inspired by 90s fashion—but you might care, and few brands do style and function as well as Wild One, which dropped an Isaac Mizrahi walk kit

Equip Products has a harness strap for weight lifters who are one-handed. iIt was designed by adaptive athlete (and current Peloton instructor) Logan Aldridge

Our Place’s Traditionware collection could be a great entrypoint if you’re looking to feel more connected to your heritage but didn’t get cool kitchenware passed down from family and loved ones. Or maybe you did, but you’re also looking to match a certain aesthetic. The collection has items like a Flipping Platter, Diwali Fry Set, and Shabbat Set

Very into convenient coffee brands taking on coffee pod products that sit in landfills. Like Cometeer, which makes aluminum coffee capsules that’re compostable

Shoutout to this week’s scouts for their tips! My mom just bought a pair of Hoka Gaviota 4’s in the peach parfait color for her upcoming MS walk. (The colorway has a pastel orange feel to it, and orange is the color for multiple sclerosis awareness)

Ashley H. put Four Progress, a discreet anxiety journal, on our radar

Swan S. recommended Lagree Fitness, is a high-intensity, low-impact exercise practice developed in the late ‘90s. The machines used in the workouts look kind of like the cool, edgy older cousin of the Pilates reformer

And Sareena R. (along with a bunch of other folks in our community) gave a shoutout to Wellness Check-In Club, an inclusive podcast with approachable self-care tips (Read: something you can do in under 15 minutes!)

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A deal! 💸

Wooden Spoon Herbs products

Wooden Spoon Herbs dropped its major makeover today. (Originally scheduled for the 10th, but pushed back out of respect for Indigenous People’s Day.) The herbalist-formulated supplement brand has new packaging (like improved pipettes for easier dosing), expanded education for stockists and customers, lower price points (we love accessible wellness), and new products, like its Magic Magnesium ($26 for 30 servings) and $95 Herbal Starter Kit (with four best-selling essentials). And our readers can get 20% off their orders with the code NESSIE20.

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