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Period-tracking apps have been around for a while now, but they’ve more recently entered the discourse in our post-Roe world. Since many of these apps collect a trove of sensitive data by default, and because they are not protected by HIPAA, it makes sense that menstruating people would feel on edge about sharing info that, if subpoenaed, could imply pregnancy, miscarriage, and more.

We're currently testing a bunch of these apps, and at risk of spoiling our findings, it's rough out there. Remember the Mozilla Foundation's *Privacy Not Included buyer’s guide, which evaluated 18 period tracking apps based on privacy? Three apps that are so popular we couldn't not try them were on this list and did not meet Mozilla's privacy requirements.

That’s why we can rate period apps as helpful, rather than straight-up healthy, in that they can offer helpful insight into someone’s cycle. This is true whether you’re trying to predict when your next period is coming, want to maintain some sort of record to track symptoms and share them with your doctor, or to add a layer to fertility tracking. (That being said, using only an ovulation tracking app to prevent pregnancy is statistically not very effective, so talk to your gynecologist about other birth control methods.)

BUT, given very real and valid concerns about user data safety, we can’t completely throw our weight behind recommending a period-tracking app.

You still might want to use one, though, and that’s totally cool! As long as you’re going in aware of the potential privacy violations and have a plan for how to use it in a way that makes you feel safe and comfortable, there are some good options, and we are testing five different apps for one full menstrual cycle. So far, we found Clue to be the best period app overall, Cycles to be the best for couples, and Life to be the best no-frills budget option. But stay tuned for our in-depth review, coming soon!

Do you use a period-tracking app? Respond with a 🩸. Won’t find one on your phone because you don’t feel they protect your privacy? Respond with a 🚫.

Melanie, editor at Nessie Sightings

First Sightings 👀

Nutr launched its next-gen plant-based milk maker on Indiegogo today. The brand says it’ll be easier to use and and deliver creamier milks, coming in a single serving and family size

The people in my life that eat oatmeal in the morning (peak Dad Breakfast) do so habitually, and so I imagine it might be fun to try new brands and flavors every once in a while. Like The PrOATagonist’s instant and overnight oatmeal boxes that come in flavors like peanut butter banana and maple caramel

Just some cozy, stylish, low cut hiking socks

Garmin recently dropped an FDA-cleared smart blood pressure cuff that lets you check your readings on the built-in display or on the app

The Strategist found the daisy-adorned tumbler Camila Mendes vengefully sipped out of in Do Revenge

Acid League just dropped a hot sauce trio as the first installment of its Maker Series. The ingredients are compelling alone, but the artful horror labels are a welcomed bonus

Tomato season is coming to an end, but Flamingo Estate has you covered in the between time with this Roma Heirloom Tomato Candle

New Drunk Elephant drop: A whipped body lotion with chia seed oil and a l’il vanilla scent

I can’t stop daydreaming about playing tennis (after I graduate from a total noob) at The Courts in the desert

Shoutout to this week’s Scouts for their tips! Maddy H. shared Bask, a suncare line that donates 10% of its proceeds to The Skin Protection Foundation (SPF) as well as 10 thousand units of sunscreen each year so that people can stay protected in public spaces like beaches, parks, camps, and after school programs

Alex K. recommended Elastique Athletics, an apparel brand with massaging beads inside its leggings, shorts, bras, and tops to help with circulation (shoutout to lymphatic health)

And Sara H. says she tried Barebells protein bar for the first time and “is kind of obsessed.” It’s not that different from other brands in terms of protein, added sugar, and calories, “but the texture makes it feel like a candy bar, and it doesn’t have a weird fake sugar aftertaste.” She tried the Cookies and Cream flavor, but there are a bunch of options at Trader Joe’s and online

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In the wild 🌾

A woman tried to get medication for a painful, chronic condition (one that had her contemplating suicide). Her neurologist wouldn’t give it to her at the risk of harming her nonexistent fetus

Did you know prosthetics usually cost tens of thousands of dollars, plus annual replacement parts that cost thousands, and that they are largely not covered by insurance?

Existing in a body can be a bitch

How to show up for your friends who are new parents, like honoring their cultural postpartum rituals and not expecting them to host you

Going to Target for a self-care day

It’s no wonder so many Gen Z’ers are turning to social media as a therapeutic outlet: Actual therapy is so damn expensive when out-of-pocket

In case you were wondering why period blood, amniotic fluid, and other “lady liquids” are usually a bright blue in advertising

It can be a labyrinthian (and seemingly impossible) challenge to fully filter eating-disorder content on TikTok

A question of the times: Is plant-based meat actually healthy?

A deal! 💸

Rootless seaweed bites

One of our favorite seaweed-forward brands just dropped a new flavor. Rootless, which makes whole-food nutrition bites, now has a Toasted Hazelnut flavor. I tried it, and it might be my favorite of the bunch so far?? I’d say that it has one of the weaker seaweed-y notes and is more nutty and sweet. A perfect li’l companion for your morning coffee. Readers can get 20% off their Starter Kit (comes with a free countertop tin) with the code NESS20.

And a challenge! 🏆

Obé’s CORE Challenge kicked off yesterday. Here’s how it works: Start the challenge, do one 10-15 minute Express class each day for two weeks (complete by 10/10!), and you’ll get one month free of personalized vitamins from Care/of. Readers can get the first month free with the code OBENESS or at this link.

Thoughts one day in: Approachable! Finding time for a 10-minute core workout was easy, something I could easily squeeze in between meetings (which I did) or, if you don’t get a work break/can’t wear workout clothes to work, something short enough to accomplish before you start your day. The first workout was Pilates-focused, exclusively on the mat, and required no equipment.

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