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If you feel like you never have time to take care of yourself, you’ll want to hear these tips from our guest editor today!

Sareena Rama is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, meditation teacher, podcast host, dog mom, and full-time marketing professional based in San Diego, CA. Her podcast, Wellness Check-In Club, shares actionable wellness tips in less than 15-minute episodes. It’s designed to help busy people feel better in less time.

Wellness Check-In Club was born out of the idea of checking in with how you’re feeling every day and letting those feelings guide the way in which you take care of yourself. Keep reading to learn how to implement this transformative practice into your life!

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For the next 5 days, I challenge you to check in with you. Let’s get revived in five!

Just five minutes of dedicated self-care time every day can reduce our stress and improve our mood! Join me and take care of yourself for five minutes (that’s only 300 seconds) every day for the next five days.

Here’s how to get started: First, simply ask yourself, “how am I actually doing today?” Maybe you’re sad, excited, anxious, happy, or this emoji. Second, honor that feeling and decide what you want to do with it. If you’re feeling sad, maybe you set aside some crying time. If you’re feeling proud, maybe you organize a celebration with loved ones! And lastly, carve out just five minutes for whatever that activity is. You can even set a timer!

Want an accountability buddy? Tag @sareenarama and @thenesscard on Instagram and I’ll be there for you every step of the way!

Here are some ideas!

  • Walk barefoot for five minutes

  • Read for ten pages of a new book

  • Take a mindful shower

  • Hug someone or give yourself a hug

  • Listen to your favorite song

  • Watch a funny YouTube video

  • Smile in the mirror

  • Breathe

  • Take a walk

  • Read a fun article

  • Mindfully drink water

  • Write a letter to someone you love

  • Set a boundary: Ask for five minutes of some alone time!

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