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Wellness finds to live better, not perfectly

Living in a healthy place is a privilege. And I’m not defining healthy as proximity to $17 Erewhon smoothies and an Equinox. All communities should have free clean air and water, convenient and affordable fresh produce, access to reliable medical facilities, and public spaces to move around in.

The reality is, in the US, it’s hard to check all of these boxes without a high cost of living. All of that to say is, for many people in this country, reaching health goals is a grind.

And so when we ranked the 25 healthiest cities in the United States this year, we looked at more than just trendy wellness centers. We factored in the components of movement (Walk Score, Bike Score, whether they are compliant with ADA’s sidewalk width and texture rules), nutrition (accessible information on how to access food assistance programs, the amount of farmers markets), rest (noise pollution and access to parks), and physical and mental care (air quality, vaccination rates, notable healthcare systems) to score each city.

We also acknowledge that a city being on this list doesn’t mean that everyone that lives there is healthy (or has access to the resources to be well), or that someone can’t live a healthy life somewhere else.

Is your city on the list?

Melanie, editor at Nessie Sightings

First Sightings 👀

It's a beanless cold brew! Minus Coffee just dropped this week. If you’re wondering what they have against beans, nothing specifically, but growing coffee can lead to deforestation and soil degradation, among other things. Instead, Minus roasts and grinds upcycled pits, roots, and seeds

I’d like to consider myself a Hoka influencer (read: my mom bought a pair after reading me go on about them enough in this newsletter), and so I’d be remiss if I didn’t share that its trail running shoe comes in some bright new colors!

This ceramic lunch bowl (in mint, specifically) makes me want to meal prep a fancy salad for all my WFH days

Jason Mamoa dropped a signature boxer brief line with BN3TH, run don’t walk to their MyPakage Pouch Technology™

Allbirds has a Fluff collection and it’s exactly what you’d expect

I don’t think you need to get too fancy when it comes to sustainable produce bags, but if the fancy element is in the function, I’m interested. Béis has a produce bag set with a push lock closure and I’m interested

Jelly sandals! That’re fully recyclable

I learned Flamingo Estate sells manure “made from the finest poop in LA” and I’m generally curious how it stacks up to other poop (local delivery only) (personally wouldn’t spend $75 on poop)

Parachute’s waffle booties are on sale!

Pact is a sustainable organic cotton brand and its new men’s joggers look sooo cozy

Bubble has a new product exclusively on Ulta: An overnight hydrating sleep mask

*A deal!* Elder Flower just launched UNEARTH, an overnight facial treatment with functional mushrooms and a natural retinol alternative. You can get 10% off the face mask with the code EFLOVESNESS 🥰 (that is my face being loved by all the botanicals in my new face mask)

You also have a chance to win a free UNEARTH (along with $1,000 in wellness gems) if you enter to win our healthy-ish night in giveaway

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In the wild 🌾

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s conservative voting guide is a reminder that wellness goes beyond just fancy vagina eggs and thousand-dollar spa days: It’s about cultivating (and voting for) healthy societies for all, not just millionaires. (In short: don’t vote goop.)

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