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Welcome to Wellness Diaries x Healthiest Colleges, presented by Nessie Sightings.

You may remember Wellness Diaries as our monthly series where we tap our community to find out how they'd spend $1,000 (from us!) on health and wellness. In this round, we’re giving four college students $1,000 each to spend on health and wellness products and services of their choice.

All you have to do is fill out this quick and fun form, sharing a few examples of what you would spend the money on, and why wellness is important to you. Sound like you?

Win $1,000!

We’ll then share the winners’ picks in a special issue as part of our Healthiest Colleges series. (Stay tuned for our list of the healthiest universities in every state, dropping this week!)

You have until Monday, September 5th to enter. We’ll announce the winners that week.

Not in college? Maybe you have a friend, relative, or mentee who might want to win $1,000. Just hit forward : )

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