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If you struggle to eat your greens on the regular, a green powder is intriguing. They claim to have everything—dried seaweed, vegetables, fruits, probiotics, enzymes, and other ingredients. Simply mix a li’l scoop into water or a smoothie and you’ve consumed your nutrients straight down your gullet without any meal prep.

We tested five of the most popular green powder brands on the market, noting things like taste, ingredients, and whether the companies could actually deliver on promises made, based on science.

After drinking five different green powders for five days each (that’s 25 glasses), our top pick is Ora Organic Greens Powder. It has grasses, seaweeds, green veggies, ashwagandha, and is sweetened with monk fruit. We liked it because it has (in our opinion) the best flavor, a medium number of all-organic ingredients, is impressively transparent, and makes mostly-reasonable marketing claims. The only con was that it left a little sludge at the bottom of the glass.

Our second favorite was—you’ve probably heard of it—Athletic Greens. The main reason it didn’t get the top spot is because of just HOW MANY vitamins come in a serving. Like 533% daily value for Vitamin E, 917% daily value for B12, and 1100% daily value for biotin. Not toxic levels, but excessive. Basically, your pee is going to be vitamin-rich. As I talked about in a previous issue—“Do you look at your pee?”—I noticed that my pee was a subtle neon-hue after I started taking daily Athletic Greens. Now I realize that’s probably a sign that I’m consuming more water-soluble vitamins than my body needs. (It costs a lot to pee this green.)

Still, we enjoyed its taste and convenience (it comes with its own resealable pouch and bottle) of Athletic Greens, and it’s in the runner’s up spot. You can check out our full ranking of green powders in more detail here.

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Melanie, editor at Nessie Sightings

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(We see you Kristyn G. and Victoria A., who ate their greens last week)

First Sightings 👀

Loisa, a Latin kitchen staples brand, just launched THEE dreamiest kitchenware line, which features a bamboo tostonera and a mortar & pestle with a silicone base in citrus colorways

Holistic nutrition health coach Meghan Swidler (you might’ve seen her here before) launched her 164-page guided, plant-forward handbook FROM WITHIN

Velty’s decaf, gut-friendly instant coffee just dropped

Ganni is developing a three-piece tracksuit made from banana waste

Converse’s first performance basketball with a CX foam insole (chunky, absorbent) is dropping tomorrow on the brand’s site. I’m partial to the mauve/desert sand style.

Expert recommendation: Shopping for backpacking snacks at your local Asian market, such as Pocari Sweat electrolyte drinks, instant corn soup mix, Shirakiku’s shredded squid, and Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.’s Calorie Mate block

Over Easy’s breakfast bars, now in mini form!

A new jam brand on my radar—V Smiley Reserves—which sweetens their products with honey and has me eyeing this Lavender Blackberry Rhubarb Jam

Coffee balls!

Hoka hiking shoes!!

Just a nice soft crewneck for men from Alo Yoga (into the Oatmeal Heather color)

Shoutout to this week’s Scouts for their tips! Megan D. recommended Three Ships Beauty’s newly launched Superfruit Mask, which she says is like “a five minute facial in your home!” Keven E. shared AminoLean by RSP nutrition, a clean pre-workout powder you can find at Whole Foods. And Carly S., a longtime Whoop member, loves the data the health wearable collects, its sleep coach feature, and its attention to recovery. “It focuses on how recovered your body is so you can determine the level of exertion your body can handle when you train.”

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