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A certified yoga teacher, personal trainer, and pregnant service journalist, Amanda Oliver, ranked the best pregnancy workouts for us. And not on a whim: She completed at least three different workouts from five of the most popular pregnancy workout apps, spent hours researching the offerings of each, and tried out as many features as she could.

Not only that, but as a fitness instructor, she looked at how each app catered to people of different levels and abilities.

You can still work out while pregnant (with some caveats, of course). And you should always talk to your doctor about whether it’s safe and healthy for you to do so. But the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends it, and it comes with a bunch of benefits: It helps you sleep better, can make labor and recovery easier, and can improve circulation, among other things.

And if you’re like me, you might’ve read that one should not start exercising while pregnant if you aren’t active already. That’s actually not true! That being said, you still shouldn’t go too hard. Starting off gentle and low-impact is key.

It’s nice to see a lot of the major brands start to incorporate workouts specifically for pregnant bodies, but it’s still a niche extension. That’s why pregnancy workout apps are so great. You don’t have to go on a labyrinthian journey to find the few classes and programs safe for you to enjoy.

And so, the best pregnancy workout apps, ranked, based on a thorough review from a thoughtful, inclusive fitness expert who has her first baby due in December are 🥁…

  1. Baby2Body (“I was a fan as soon as I opened it up”)

  2. Prenatal Yoga (“As the name suggests, it’s all yoga”)

  3. Bloom Method (“I like that the app puts a focus on injury prevention and holistic health”)

  4. Tone It Up (“One of the best things about Tone It Up is that it’s not just for pregnancy”)

  5. Prenatal and Postnatal Workout (“I loved that I could squeeze workouts into a quick break between meetings”)

Do you have a pregnancy workout app you love? Send us your favorite!

Melanie, editor at Nessie Sightings

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First Sightings 👀

Poppy Seed Health is an app that connects you with a doula, midwife, or nurse if you’re looking for on-demand, accessible pregnancy, postpartum, or loss support. Experts are available 24/7 and each chat costs $5. While I believe health insurance should cover all of these needs, I’m still pretty stoked to see this type of essential care cost about the same as a fancy-ish coffee order. (You can also gift a membership if you know a new or soon-to-be parent or someone grieving a pregnancy loss.)

Molly Yeh has an East Fork Pottery collection—it’s a set of rainbow bowls—and you can buy them bundled with her new cookbook

I learned last week that I live alarmingly close to a fault line that new research shows could result in a MASSIVE earthquake. A much needed reminder to be prepared, so I found this budget 72-hour earthquake kit for two. Willing to spend more money on an evacuation kit for my puppers.

These Merrell men’s hiking shoes are on sale!

Cardi B has a collection dropping with Reebok on Friday, October 14th, including these slides, these leather sneakers, and this stretchy one-shoulder crop tank

A week or two ago, Kourtney Kardashian teased her new wellness brand by posing nude in a pool of colorful gumdrop-looking swirlies. Her brand, Lemme, dropped a line of vitamin and botanical supplements that are supposed to be “so delicious”. Like these mixed berry de-stress gummies and matcha B12 gummies. Might be the organic cane sugar.

Baggu’s new fall line! My favorite is this metallic mushroom tote

Lululemon Studio is a $39/month membership program with a lot of perks: Thousands of workout classes, discounts on apparel, early access to events, among a few other discounts and access opportunities. The catch? You are required to already own or purchase a $1,500 Mirror.

If I was going to put caffeine on my face, it would be alpyn beauty’s hydrating eye cream with Vitamin C and bakuchiol (a plant-based alternative to retinol).

Speaking of unconventional use cases for coffee, Jot is apparently 20x more concentrated than coffee and only requires a tablespoon per cup. As someone who can barely hang with a cold brew concentrate, this is not for me, but maybe it’s more your speed??

One of my favorite healthy-ish probiotic soda brands, OLIPOP, now has a cherry cola flavor (!!)

Oura Ring dropped a new design, and I will say, it is a LOT sleeker than the original. Called Horizon, it’s perfectly round, and what the brand describes as “a true, uninterrupted circle.” (Another way of describing “round”)

Shoutout to this week’s Scouts for their tips! Katy V. shared George & Viv’s 24 Days of Beauty advent calendar, and said it’s filled with great brands. She spotted Supergoop and Youth to the People, among others. (Tip: A great way to get rid of your hoard of little beauty samples is to DIY your own advent calendar for a friend)

Sara H. tried Rowdy Mermaid’s Roading Pineapple kombucha the other day and said it’s really great. “It’s dry and a little sweet, like a really good cider. Without making me feel tipsy.” She said it also has a lion’s mane mushroom in it, which may help with clarity

And Natasha R. recommends cycle tracker app Aavia, which also seems to sell a smart birth control case. Natasha says “it’s the coolest” hormone wellness app she’s tried so far

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Did you spot a cool new (to the world or just to you!) health or wellness product? Are you a brand dropping something cool soon?

Send us your tip!

In the wild 🌾

Simone Taitt, the founder of the aforementioned Poppy Seed Health, was inspired to start a telehealth service that offered the type of care she wish she had when she experienced her miscarriages

The FDA is working on a new definition of “healthy”

Why female firefighters have a right to be worried about their fertility

“Sometimes, what chronically ill people need, like canceling dates with little notice, can be seen as red flags in the dating world

If you’re going through menopause, you might prefer working from home

Americans apparently spent $236 MILLION on pumpkin-spice grocery items last fiscal year

I’m ready for the maximalist movement to take over the morning-after pill space

Looks like I’ll be making a vegan Crunchwrap Supreme this week

A deal! 💸

Pregnant person in a knit set

HATCH is a lifestyle brand for pregnant people at all stages, through each trimester to postpartum motherhood. If you haven’t checked out its sweater weather collection yet, it is so cozy (100% wool!) and designed to adapt to your changing body. My favorites are this knit dress with side slits and this striped crew sweater. Plus, the brand curated some use case-specific bundles, like a hospital essentials box and hospital departure bundle. Our readers can get 15% off their order with the code NESS15.

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