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Our guest editor Sareena is back with another five-day challenge!

I’m Sareena, a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, meditation teacher, podcast host, dog mom, and full-time marketing professional based in San Diego, CA. I strive to empower my community to find joy in their movement practices. I believe that fitness is for everyBODY, and it should be a personal journey. Remember that you are so strong, powerful, and more than capable of finding joy in moving your beautiful body!

My podcast, Wellness Check-In Club, shares actionable wellness tips in less than 15 minute episodes. It’s designed to help busy people feel better in less time. Make sure to follow Wellness Check-In Club wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Sareena’s 5-day fitness challenge: Move for your mood!

Just 10 minutes of movement every day can boost your mood! Think on this: When is the last time you felt good after a workout? Let's bring joy and playfulness to our workouts for the next five days with these three steps:

Step One: Make a list of different types of movement that you love or would love to try! Anything that brings you joy or makes you feel good counts.

Step Two: Your daily 10 minute movement should incorporate an element of fun or play–whatever that looks like for you!

Step Three: Schedule 10 minutes each day this week for your movement. (You can even put it in your calendar!) This will hold you accountable to completing your movement practice.

Here's an example to help you plan your week:

Day One: Walk around the block listening to your top three favorite songs.

Day Two: If you have a furry friend, try these movements with them!

Day Three: Try one of my workouts! Here are some of my favorites: Spooky Sculpt + Stretch, Cardio + Stretch, & Cardio Sculpt

Day Four: Stretch your body before bed!

Day Five: How would your seven-year-old self want to move their body? Grab a friend or loved one and play tag! Or have a dance party before bed!

Want an accountability buddy? Tag @sareenarama and @thenesscard on Instagram and I’ll be there for you every step of the way!

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Check in with yourself and find a practice that works for your mood. This card deck helps you manage your mood with practices derived from yogic tradition!

Grab a hula hoop as a quick (and super fun) way to get movement in your day! Yes, just a regular ol’ hula hoop that you find at a dollar store, your garage, or this one from Target which is my favorite!

Foot reflexology is said to boost your mood and relieve tension. I highly recommend using this mat from Saje Wellness as part of a warm up for your walks, or even just as you brush your teeth!

Cannibabe’s CBD roller is the best to relieve sore or tight muscles! I use this on my forehead when I have a headache, it clears my head and gets me motivated to move. Plus, you’ll be supporting an amazing small business in Southern California

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If you love smoothies and subscription services, you might love kencko, the smoothie subscription service. Plus, you don’t need a blender to enjoy its goods: Just add powder to water or milk and shake and chill. Easy peasy. And you can get 10% off with the code NESSWELL10

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