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Someone putting an aroma into a Canopy evaporative humidifier

We talk a lot about supplementing our diets, but not enough time talking about supplementing our air. Specifically, with an invisible mist. That’s the whole point of evaporative humidifiers, which we tested to find the best one.

A nightly humidifier can moisten your air, which can be helpful for anyone struggling with dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, chapped lips, asthma, congestion, nosebleeds, sore throats, allergies, and/or dry eyes. Especially as the air starts to dry out in the winter and you have your heater cranked on. Skin as dry as the cracked desert earth.

Our reviewer tested four popular humidifiers. She used each every day for a week looking at things like how easy they were to set up, operate, and clean, and if they actually delivered on their main purpose: Spitting that mist into the air. To test that, she used a hygrometer—an instrument that measures water vapor in the air—to periodically check the humidity levels of the room.

We have two top picks. For smaller rooms, we loved Canopy (a reader favorite, as well). For larger rooms, we recommend the Honeywell Cool Moisture Humidifier HCM 350 Series.

And while you’re here, a reminder to please please please clean your humidifier once a week and fill it only with distilled or purified water. Otherwise you risk mold and fungus growing inside, and that is not caring for your air (or your health).

If you’re thinking of buying one, you should read our full review! Love to see an educated purchase.

Melanie, editor at Nessie Sightings

First Sightings 👀

Milky Oat is a San Francisco-based meal delivery service specifically designed for postpartum support. It is not cheap, and it is currently only operating in the Bay Area. That being said, the meals look soothing and thoughtful (it has vegan and omnivore options) and cater to a community likely in need of such a service. A great gift idea if you have a new parent in your circle. It also drives home the importance of community during new parenthood—a network to quite literally feed you when you have little to no expendable energy or time

Bandit is a running apparel brand that dropped earlier this year. The aesthetic is very cool, like these men’s anti-chafing running shorts designed for racing (they have a pocket for gels). You can also pre-order this illustration made as a tribute to the 2022 NYC marathon

More than 100 million Americans have diabetes or prediabetes, and millions might not be aware they have the condition. November is National Diabetes Awareness month, which serves as a reminder to screen yourself. Labcorp OnDemand has an at-home diabetes test for $79, which is also covered by FSA/HSA

Taste Buds is a fruit gummy snack brand that sources locally from California produce. I bought the variety pack so fast

This EDAS x Warby Parker sling bag that has a shaped pocket for your glasses is for sure a splurge, but as someone who loses their sunglasses quarterly, I like the concept (and the design is cool)

Quiet Hours sells its journal alongside a 20-minute hourglass, which is a cute and functional nod to the stress-alleviating daily practice

Another functional set: Wooden Spoon Herbs’ Rest Set pairs the brands spirulina blue lemonade magnesium powder with a MINNA sleep mask and Rest is Resistance: A Manifesto by Tricia Hersey

As someone trying not to live exclusively in the Apple Cinematic Universe, I am intrigued by Nothing’s Ear (1) carbon neutral wireless earbuds

*Community rec* Hannah E shared virtual coworking platform Flow Club, which wants to foster more wellbeing and human connection in the work from home space. These are online co-working sessions focused on accountability and shared goals. (I personally like the idea of using a weekly session to remind everyone to stretch, together apart.) And we’ve got a membership deal for you below

*Community rec* Kristyn G recommended the Jolie showerhead, “especially if you’re in California” where it’s extra important to filter your shower water. She also pointed to this online tap water database where you can check the quality of the water based on where you live

In the wild 🌾

A deal! 💸

A person sitting at their laptop with their hands on their heart and smiling

Flow Club (mentioned in First Sightings above) mirrors a workout class in the sense that you can book a session and be led by a host. Said host will ask everyone what their intention or project is, put on a motivating playlist, and let everyone work collectively from their respective homes. It’s a great resource if you WFH, are a freelancer without a 9-5 community to tap, or have ADHD. Reader Hannah E, who works at Flow Club, says she’s seen users use the service to take naps, journal, drink water, and go on walks, as a few examples. She’s giving our readers an invite link for a 30-day trial and 50% off your first month with the code NESSWELL

Calling all wellness influencers 📣

We are compiling our annual list of health and wellness influencers to follow. (You can check out last year’s rising star list.) And we want to know who you don’t mind being influenced by right now. Just hit reply with any accounts you think we should consider for our 2023 list.

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