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Here’s how I wake up every morning: My phone bursts into a jingle—wake up, loser—and I hit the snooze button until it goes off nine minutes later. Many days, my partner’s phone goes off at the same time, so it’s just a symphony of beeps invading our dreams.

Here’s how I could wake up every morning: A beautiful little orb on my nightstand glows gently onto my face—it’s morning, cutie—simulating a sunrise until I open my eyes to greet the new day.

Instead of choosing violence, I could choose a sunrise alarm clock. After reading our review and hearing only good things from a bunch of my coworkers, I’m intrigued. We tested five of the more popular options, and our favorite is the Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep and Wake-up Light. Our reviewer really liked the realistic sunrise simulation, light-guided breathing exercises, and modern design. (It’s giving Pixar.)

We liked a few others, too. 🔆

If you’ve been waking up to a sunrise alarm clock, let me know which one you love.

Melanie, editor at Nessie Sightings

First Sightings header with a grocery bag and protein bar

I just learned about the 75 Soft Challenge (admittedly a year late) and as someone who loves both checking off to-do lists and accessible fitness trends, I’m very into this cute digital challenge tracker

This bath salt has Pink Himalayan salt and Dead Sea salt, essential oils, and butterfly pea flowers to turn your bathwater sapphire. A vibe

A chip snack that’s just sliced and dried California oranges

I’ve added this caffeinated mineral scrub to my skincare routine and it’s been super refreshing and gentle on my sensitive skin

Just a cute classic puffer on sale

If you’ve ever dreamt of an affordable clean butthole, TUSHY’s best-selling bidet is on sale right now

You can probably still find a bunch of used Pelotons on Facebook Marketplace, but if you’d rather not navigate the depths of the scammy classifieds, Peloton is officially selling slightly cheaper refurbished bikes

A bando sale!! The joy this grapefruit-shaped cooler and strawberry-covered lunch box brought me

This sneaker brand makes sustainable skateboarding shoes, like these magenta canvas high-tops, these classic blue canvas high-tops, and these Peanuts-themed high-tops

Hoka’s new everyday running sneakers are getting great reviews

Very into this pullover fleece with neon mushrooms on it

In the Wild header with a hiking boot
A Deal header with gems and flowers

Most of you reading this will probably clink festive beverages with loved ones this week. I’ll be with a few friends, and while I might partake in one celebratory glass of champagne, I don’t want a hangover, so I plan on switching back to non-alcoholic spirits. I plan on bringing a couple cans of Little Saints mocktails with me. (Specifically, the Negroni Spritz.) And we’re giving you 15% off your order with the code LITTLENESSIE if you wanna give them a try, too :)

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