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One of the key appeals of a meal delivery service (not to be confused with a meal kit service) is that these are already-prepared meals. No prep, no chopping, no mess. We had a registered dietitian test a bunch of the most popular meal delivery services—like Sakara, Trifecta, and Factor75—and rank her favorites.

We factored in taste, price, availability, variety, and nutrition. That’s another cool aspect to meal delivery services: Unlike most takeout, you get clear nutritional labels with each meal so you have a better sense of exactly what you’re eating.

If I made a complex matrix of meal options with quadrants for things like affordability, convenience, health, and sustainability, meal delivery services would fall somewhere in the middle. It’s more cost-efficient than constant takeout, but not cheaper than buying your own ingredients and cooking fresh. It’s more convenient than that, though, but not more convenient than beep booping a few buttons on your phone to get tendies to your door. It can be healthier than that, though, if not at least more transparent. And you may be less likely to waste food, because you’re being sent around the exact amount of meals you’ll need for the day/week/month.

I’m also of the opinion that these services don’t have to be forever. A meal delivery service is great to try if you feel a bit too overwhelmed to think up meal ideas and cook them every day. You could be going through a uniquely hectic time—I could see this as acutely useful during a work crunch, if you’re grieving, depressed, postpartum, or temporarily don’t have access to fresh food.

I used a meal delivery service when I was in my early 20s and my kitchen doubled as a laundry room, when I was house-sitting for a few weeks and didn’t have all my kitchen supplies with me, and when I didn’t feel mentally present enough to grocery shop and conjure up beautiful dishes to nourish myself.

Whatever your reason, we did the homework for you and broke down our favorite services and all the things we loved about them.

Find out our favorites here >>>

Melanie, editor at Nessie Sightings

First Sightings header with a grocery bag and protein bar

A close friend of mine said she loves loves loves this laptop desk tray that attaches to her Peloton. If she has a long meeting on the agenda that doesn’t require her active input, she’ll do a free ride, and likes that she can even type while she’s cycling to send emails and such

I really want to snack on this dried pearl guava and dried green mango

I’ve never been much of a signature scent person, but smelling like a lungful of the forest has me reconsidering

This seems helpful if you’re trying to master a headstand (or any inverted posture)

2023 is the year I’m going to show up to my Pilates class in a shrug

This is also the year we stop caring what people think and wear our blemish stickers, like Starface’s new cloud patches, out in public

I need this foot stretcher. I can feel my arches soothed, my blood circulating, my tendons singing just by looking at the product image

My sister got me a KitchenAid food chopper for my birthday this year, and it’s on sale right now. Lots of beautiful dips and sauces in my future

I’ve been enjoying Alice’s nightcap mushroom chocolate each night this week. Anecdotally, it’s a nice dose of relaxation (and caffeine-free sweetness) before I curl up in bed

Maude makes a sexy, nourishing bath set (scroll down for a special deal for our readers)

A Deal header with gems and flowers

Maude is a modern sexual wellness brand with a bunch of body-safe products like vibrators, condoms, lubes, and other personal care goods. (Like the aforementioned bath set!) We want to give a special shoutout to their intimacy products—libido, oil, wash, and burn—which allow you to feel closer to your partner and yourself through simple, warm acts of care. Our readers can get 20% off all products with the code NESS20

In the Wild header with a hiking boot

The gut health advice you should ignore on TikTok

This gamer worked out for 30 days straight in virtual reality to try and get a “gamer body”

Semi-related: Dungeons & Dragons-themed workouts

If you have expired painkillers in your medicine cabinet, it’s not as simple as just tossing them in the trash

The problem with recommending weight loss drugs

How to handle grief and FOMO after a sports injury

Harry Styles doing Pilates

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