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If you watched Love is Blind season three, you’ll remember Raven Ross, the Pilates instructor who got her reps in while her date poured his heart out. A defining moment for me, personally, witnessing such a display of radical self-care in the face of a superficial man’s crocodile tears.

Raven also made our list of the most influential people in wellness last year. She’s now focused on uploading weekly workouts to her YouTube channel (she hit 100k subscribers last year) and cultivating a community around Pilates (she kicked off her TONED IN 21 last week and has a revenge body challenge coming soon).

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“I want to be a resource for other women who are wondering where to start in their Pilates practice, health and wellness journey, and beyond,” Raven told us.

We gave Raven $1,000 to spend on her own health and wellness journey. It’s part of our monthly Wellness Diaries series. See what she picked, and why, below.

Melanie, editor at Nessie Sightings

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We spent 20 hours of research and testing, and ran 56 miles to find out what the best socks are. Bombas performance ankle running socks are our top pick. We loved that they’re cushy but still wick moisture, have a good compression quality, and don't slip down during our runs. (Truly… the worst feeling.) You can get 20% off your first Bombas order (on any socks, not just these!) with the code NESS20 (PS: For every pair purchased, Bombas donates a pair to someone experiencing homelessness)

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If you feel mopey and want to cry when you get sick, that’s cytokine, baby!

Am I the only person who didn’t play pickleball last year?

Skiers and snowboarders are unintentionally setting off Apple’s emergency crash detection

On psychedelic mushrooms as a treatment for eating disorders

What people hate the most about pharmaceutical commercials

Apple added kickboxing workouts to its guided fitness service

You should read why thousands of nurses are on strike right now

If you want to do your makeup before giving birth, go for it! (And maybe consider waterproof mascara)

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