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We want to celebrate our local heroes: Caregivers.

You may remember Wellness Diaries as our monthly series where we tap our community to find out how they’d spend $1,000 (from us!) on health and wellness. In this round, we’re giving three caregivers $1,000 each to spend on health and wellness products and services of their choice. And because it’s our healthy cities month, the money will be spent locally. Show off your city’s small businesses!

Caregivers are the pillars of a healthy, functioning society. And we define a caregiver as anyone dedicating service to our most vulnerable populations. You might be a nurse, or take care of a sick family member, or volunteer at an animal shelter. (To name just a few!)

All you have to do is fill out this form, sharing a few examples of what you would spend the money on—and where!—and why wellness is important to you. You deserve this!

Enter to win $1,000!

We’ll then share the winners’ picks in a special issue of our Healthiest Cities series. You have until Sunday, November 13th to enter. We’ll announce the winners later that week.

Melanie, editor at Nessie Sightings

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First Sightings 👀

The Fitbit Luxe is on sale right now for $80 (down from $130). If you’ve been intrigued by activity trackers, especially some of the more well-known ones, but don’t want to shell out over $100 on one only to have it end up in a drawer, this is your moment

I’ve been looking for new reusable snack bags but I don’t need a value pack. I just want one or two for when I’m meeting a friend for a hike or a beach hang and I want to bring some chips or fruit slices with me. That’s how I found this two-pack that comes in a friendly monster design. I love them

Big fan of Ahava products, which sources its salts from the Dead Sea, and this lavender mineral bath salt is on sale

DedCool just dropped Poop Drops. They are like cool cousins of the Febreze air freshener, in that they are made to mask the smell of your waste but instead of scents like “Hawaiian Aloha” or “Downy April Fresh,” they have notes of bergamot or gardenia or guaiac wood (which comes from a small tree, smells earthy). I read the instructions a few times and I also think you drop before you… drop. So Poop Drops require some foresight

It’s getting colder and these adidas trail running pants look like they’ll withstand a strong breeze but are still lightweight

Not a huge fan of bucket hats but this reversible one (one side is woven, the other quilted) is pretty cool, and will keep you warm

My favorite way to keep my head warm, though, will always be the beanie, and Ur GF will make you a custom wool one using scrap colors (sustainable!)

These are my dream salad dressings

Has anyone used these compostable trash bags before and can you let me know your thoughts?

This two-piece glass set comes with two complementing glass straws, if you need a more eco-friendly set up for your morning beverage (with a friend!)

A $200 showerhead is a splurge for sure (ours is under $100 from Costco and it rules), but if you are going to splurge, this minimalist one that comes with a soap dish is very fun

*A deal!* Our readers can get 20% off RPM Training equipment and apparel (Its jump rope was in our gift guide last year)

In the wild 🌾

Scam alert: The bottled water agenda

What you should actually consume if you want an immunity boost

When you have ADHD, there’s an adderall shortage, and you have to go to work


A reminder to vote (and to take care of yourself)

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A still from an Instagram Reel about working out at 6am to feel better

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