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Everyone knows that you have to get naked knee-up if you ever need to pee when you’re wearing one. All the same, exercise dresses are having a real moment. Makes sense, given consumers are gravitating toward functional and utilitarian fashion.

But there are a lot of ‘em out there—and some are neither functional nor utilitarian. One of our reviewers (who is also a certified yoga teacher and personal trainer) tested a bunch of exercise dresses to find the two best options right now. First, we narrowed down the list of the most popular options based on the pieces with the most reviews and most social media hype. Then, we bought the top five to test.

Our reviewer wore each dress for two 45- to 60-minute workout classes or activities like a HIIT class or power walk. She also spent at least three to four hours wearing each dress around in her daily life, i.e. a grocery run or hanging with her nephew at the park. And finally, she washed each at least twice to test the material and durability of the dresses.

And… the top pick was Halara’s $39.95 Everyday Cloudful 2-in-1 Wannabe Activity Dress, with Outdoor Voices’ $100 The Exercise Dress as a close second. For a more detailed look on what we love about each, you can read our review.

Our social strategist Sydney swears by her exercise dress, and says that literally the only thing she doesn’t like about it is having to take it all the way off to pee. “When you have a workout class at 4 and a dinner date at 5, it’s a perfect versatile fit… unless you have to go to the bathroom. You’ll find yourself butt naked in the stall every time,” she says. “Worth it though.”

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First Sightings 👀

I would not characterize this as affordable ($350 a month for membership) or accessible (it’s only in Los Angeles as of now), but Heimat’s 75,000 square-foot “fitness concept club” looks intriguing as hell. There’s a fitness space (including Reformer Pilates), a full-service spa, a restaurant with a view of the Hollywood Hills, a rooftop pool, and co-working space with a library.

Hyperice now has a fully portable dynamic air compression therapy wearable that targets the calf muscle. It’s called Normatec Go

There’s a new smart mood ring, and you can get on the waitlist for it now

Los Angeles-based floral designer Yasmine Mei with a fairy tale-like basket of foraged mushrooms

RIP Medical Debt has purchased billions in unpaid debt

Our Place is having a 25% off (almost) everything sale. Its new-ish Mini Always Pan, originally $115, is now $86

Nike has made $185 million (!!) from NFTs

You can now buy a Peloton bike and gear on Amazon

The new Fitbit collection is all about finding your chill

I love Baggu so much, and while I don’t personally gravitate toward wide-brimmed hats, if I did, it would be this packable one

Stumbled upon this 32-ounce Nalgene water bottle from ilovecreatives: It has a purple silicone straw and says ‘Hydration Committee’ on the side

I also happened upon this probiotic coconut yogurt brand, The Coconut Cult, after a few nutritionists shared their grocery hauls on Instagram. Looks like they have a new key lime pie flavor.

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