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Plunger handles with a smiley face design

The best gifts are the things you can’t live without. That’s why we included a beautiful plunger and premium vacuum storage bags that come with an electric pump in our previous gift guide.

A gift that somehow feels luxurious (an electric pump is nothing to smirk at) while also being highly functional is the winning duality, I think. I also believe, with a few exceptions, simply buying something for the sake of checking it off your list is so wasteful, for both giver and recipient.

That’s also why we don’t want you to feel compelled to buy anything on this gift guide, in the same spirit as last year. Sometimes it’s just fun to read about what people love and use all the time. A glimpse into someone’s genuine rituals.

So I asked my colleagues to share the best thing they bought this year for their overall wellbeing. Presenting our very practical 2022 gift guide (or virtual lookbook, if you’re just here to browse).

Melanie, editor at Nessie Sightings

PS — What’s the best thing you bought this year for your health?

Gift Sightings 🎁

Supergoop! Mattescreen if you are looking for a sunscreen and primer hybrid with no pilling -Louisa A.

The Bowflex adjustable dumbbells are amazing (and a workout from home fixture) -Derek F.

The Hoka Bondi sneaker is like walking on a cloud, which is perfect for my achy joints and taking my dogs on miles-long walks -Melanie E.

A really nice (foldable!) yoga mat that is so nice on your knees. They also come in really pretty colors! -Maddy H.

FitBit Luxe if you need some accountability with your wellness and movement -Louisa A.

We’ve been enjoying the Beam night-time powder—which makes a hot cocoa-like drink that contains melatonin, magnesium, reishi, and other sleep-supporting supplements—a few nights a week before heading to bed -Jeremy D.

Hatch Restore has been a game changer to help us fall asleep and stay asleep. The gentle wake up is so much more pleasant than an obnoxious alarm -Katy Z.

I'm not convinced this is the best orthopedic pillow out there, but it's comfortable, odorless, and washable. I've noticed a difference in how I feel, and my chiropractor has too! -Katy Z.

Don’t tell my wife, but when she’s gone, I love using her pregnancy pillow to sleep. So comfy! -Giff B.

If you are looking to keep only simple ingredients in your pantry and fridge, a few of our favorite brands are Artisana Organics for nut butters & tahini, Eden for canned beans, Elmhurst for nut milks, Empower Farms for a CSA box. Most of the pantry stuff is available in one fell swoop from Thrive Market! (Which sells gift cards that would probably also make for a good gift) -Sara G.

I honestly drink Kin Euphorics Bloom most nights. It tastes delicious and really helps to wind down after a long day. And if I don’t have my Kin drink, I have Recess Mood Sticks -Maddy H.

I get genuinely sad when I run out of my Brightland Olive Oil. I love the Lemon, Garlic, and Chili oils, and I recently tried the Rosemary, which is amazing. I also just upped my game by getting the little Spouts which are great for a lovely drizzle -Maddy H.

Was always a Bala bangle gal but decided to take our number one ranked ankle weights for a spin and shocker—The Nessie was totally right. They don’t poke into your shins and the velcro doesn’t wear away -Maddy H.

Love how little and portable this Saje diffuser is, but it also really makes a whole room smell nice. We also love the brand’s oil roll-ons—the peppermint halo and the stress release are daily favorites -Maddy H. & Kate M.

I have about 10 of these weighted eye masks because I cannot sleep without one. It is so nice to put on after a day of looking at screens, literally like a temple massage -Maddy H.

We also love this Coway air purifier—these things are magic with kids and also offer a little bit of white noise -Kate M.

These cacao nibs have become my go-to mix-in for oatmeal and yogurt -Giff B.

We also use and love Seed probiotics and Magic Spoon cereal most days (if not everyday) -Derek F.

I love my weekly reformer class at a local Pilates studio, but they can be pricey! Club Pilates has a lot of locations and does gift cards, but you can also scope out someone’s local spot -Melanie E.

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A practical deal! 👟

A person slipping an insole into a sneaker

When I was a high-arched teen, I needed orthotics. I was embarrassed because I thought they were deeply, deeply uncool. But insoles are actually highly cool because they give you arch support, which is good for all the muscles, tendons, joints, and bones from your feet to your spine. I love that Fulton has identified a need (spine-aligning insoles) and made them cool (sustainable and well-designed). I want them and need them and you probably do, too. And our readers can get them 15% off with NESS15

A festive deal! 🎊

A box of colorful CBD gumdrops

Molly J. (we’ve mentioned them in the newsletter before) is a California-based CBD gumdrop company, and each of the brand’s candy boxes is handcrafted by a local chef. This can be a gift to a loved one but I think it makes a great gift for yourself: a beautiful CBD gumdrop advent calendar with 12 different flavors. You can get 20% off (either dosage) with the code NESSIE

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