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Wellness finds to live better, not perfectly

Back when I was a senior in high school and looking at colleges, the wellness space wasn’t what it is today. Therapy was still largely talked about as something you do when you’ve exhausted all other options, and the noughties were obsessed with diet culture and a size double zero.

I didn’t even know to look for a healthy college—somewhere where students have access to resources to help them thrive, both physically and mentally. Like, gym and wellness programs. Dining halls with healthy, inclusive food options. Affordable and accessible mental health services. I didn’t yet understand what being healthy looked like and why taking care of myself holistically was important.

And so even if my college had those resources, I might’ve not known to turn to them. I feel there’s a cultural shift with the current collegiate classes. Yes, pop culture stereotypes of partying and grinding too hard ring true, but there’s a growing awareness that caring for your body and mind shouldn’t be put on pause for four years.

That’s why I’m so stoked for the work my team did to find some of the healthiest colleges in each state. They looked at the different universities from Alabama to Wyoming and asked things like: How many gyms are available on campus compared to the size of the student body? Are there intramural sports options for differently-abled students? What do the on-campus dining options look like? Is it possible to get fresh produce in the cafeteria? Does the school provide adequate resources for sleep? Is there an on-campus sleep specialist? Does it offer mental health counseling (including treatment for depression, anxiety, and eating disorders)? What are the school’s COVID protocols? To name a few…

You can check out the list of healthiest colleges in every state right here. Maybe the school you attend is on the list, maybe you want to see if your alma mater made the cut, or maybe you’re researching what life after high school will look like for you, and how you might achieve that access to healthy living.

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Someone making jasmine green tea

Pique Tea sources its ingredients from the likes of the mountains of Japan, the coasts of Italy, and the forests of China and tests them for purity. Its tea products are designed to support clearer skin, healthy immune functions, digestion, and mental clarity and their patented extraction process makes sure you get all of the nutrients in their most bioavailable forms. Our readers can get $10 off any order with the code NESS10, like their best sellers Sun Goddess Matcha and Jasmine Green Tea.

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