Happy New Year - 2022

Many thanks to everyone who helped us develop the Urban Agriculture Consortium’s dynamic networks in 2021. We look forward to more collaboration and progress in 2022.

Is 2022 the year for an urban agroecology breakthrough? Maybe: gthere is rowing awareness of the climate and biodiversity emegencies is driving an interest in the potential for regenerative agroecology as a part of the solution. Lots of powerful initiatives highlighted at the ever fabulous Oxford Real Farming Conference. Although UAC is a very small part of the wider movement we hope our contribution is helping us all gain momemtum and traction.

UAC’s plans for 2022 include

  • further support for the northern pathfinder cities and

  • farmstart networks (with the LWA),

  • a slow expansion into the midlands,

  • contunuing to develop partnerships in Northern Ireand, Scotland and Wales,

  • more PINGs (policy infleuncers network meetings)

  • support on planning issues, and work on land mapping for food growing and much more.

  • We’ll be sending out regualr enews bulletins, so please do share with your partners and colleagues.

  • Do let us know if you would like to be added or removed from our email list

A few upcoming events:

· 17 January - Northern Ireland PING meeting focusing on land mapping - with Social Farms and Gardens

· 19 January - UAC Core Oversight Group

· 8 February: UAC and land mappers group

· 2 March - PING #3 - to include an update from FFCC. Agenda tbc

· 16 March - UAC Core Oversight Group

· 27 April - PING #4 Agenda tbc

· 1 June – WING #2 Wider Interest Group and impact report

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