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Spring 2021 from Joseph Kramer, Ph.D.

Hello Friends,

Thanks for inviting me into your inbox. With this mailing, I wish to connect with others committed to service as sex educators. Of course, many of you are not professional sex educators, but I believe that every time we are erotically intimate with another, learning takes place - new neurological pathways are forged within bodies. You are welcome to share the writings, videos and breathing tapes in this Body Wisdom newsletter with lovers, friends and clients.

Joseph Kramer
Power Practices to Get Your Juices Flowing

Paced Breathing

I have taught fast / rebirthing breathing for 40 years. I have learned that by changing my breathing, I can change my feeling states. During the Great Hibernation, I did 400 ten-minute breathing sessions at different paces. My major discovery has been Resonance Frequency Breathing (see practice below). My favorite feeling states have come from breathing 4.5 breaths per minute and 3 breaths per minute (BPM).

The Optimum Breath Practice

During hibernation, I discovered Resonance Frequency Breathing (RFB). This breathing integrates and optimizes our respiratory system, the rhythm of our heart beat, our circulatory system, our sympathetic nervous system and our parasympathic/vagal nervous system. I'm surprised how slowly a crucial practice like Resonance Frequency Breathing makes its way into sex education. Explore more RFB wisdom and guidance here.

Hands-Free Arousal

There is way too much tension in the way most people masturbate. Traditional masturbation produces patterns of tension in the muscles of the arms and upper torso. These muscle constrictions limit our sexual expression, especially our orgasms. Hands-Free Arousal involves standing, while moving and thrusting into an anchored Fleshlight or vibrator. This way of enjoying yourself disrupts chronic chest tension and enables feelings of freedom, openness and ease of breathing. This video clip is from Robin's first Hands-Free Arousal session. Note their surprise and joy. In this second video, Robin's intention was to make a connection between their genitals and the rest of their body. Although they had not masturbated in months, you can see how quickly this type of self-touch takes them into their body. Free access to these videos available until June 10th.

Prostate Pleasure Mapping

I often encounter guidance for pleasure-mapping of the female prostate. However, I have heard nothing of pleasure-mapping of the male prostate. So I made this short video, which demonstrates a portion of the full session. Free access to this video available until June 10th.

Soft Cock Erotic Massage

Today is my birthday. What have I learned in 74 years? One obvious lesson is that sexual arousal isn't quite the same. But I still crave genital touch. I invite you to one of my favorite classes, Soft Cock Erotic Massage. The world would be a much better place if there were more caressing of soft cocks. This bisexual video demonstrates twenty different ways to play with and stimulate a soft penis. Jesse, the receiver, has soft cock orgasms. Free access to this video available until June 10th.
Communal Inquiries

Imagine the Earth as Lover

"Take the world in a love embrace."
      - Born to be Wild,  by Steppenwolf

I have always felt an erotic connection to nature. Thirteen years ago, I was guided into a new intimate relationship with the earth by my wives, Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens. On May 17, 2008, in Santa Cruz, California, I took vows to love and cherish the earth until death brings us closer together forever. 

Annie and Beth brought me along as they launched the EcoSexual Era where the earth is celebrated as lover rather than mother. Their book, Assuming the EcoSexual Position (August, 2021), invites us to join them in radical love-making in service to the earth our lover.  

In what ways do you make love to the earth and allow the earth to make love to you? Are you willing to share your details in writing or video? I am gathering love stories and video demonstrations to inspire and arouse a whole new generation of EcoSexuals.

Let the three videos and two stories at the EcoSexual Communal Exchange inspire you to share your ways of connecting to the body of the earth.

Learning Sex from Videos

We learn sex in so many different ways. For me, watching master teachers and skilled lovers on video has been surprisingly effective. Video demonstrations offer me the ease of learning at my own pace and in my own space - and it's way more affordable than in-person trainings. Further, when master sex educators create video, you get their best pedagogy. 

Unfortunately, many folks (conditioned by watching television) do not know how to actually learn from video. I am inviting anyone and everyone who has learned something significant from sex videos to share your process, your method, your way of learning. I will make your wisdom about learning available at, so others can benefit.

Send me stories or videos about your learning process. Please be as specific and detailed as possible. On June 20th, I will reward the kindhearted creators of the ten most useful videos or stories with a three-year membership to both and (a $400 value)! Video creators, please email me and I will send you my Dropbox URL for uploading your videos. All chosen submissions will be credited with your name and website (if you wish).

Pleasure and Desire: Liking and Wanting


Recent neuroscience indicates that enjoying or “liking” a particular experience, such as sex, does not motivate us to seek out that experience again. "Wanting" or craving is a neurological process that drives us to seek out a particular experience like sex again and again (because it is fueled by dopamine). The neurological process of "liking" sex, on the other hand, does not involve dopamine, so the "liking," in and of itself, does not motivate us. This surprises me! I have always assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that savoring the pleasures of a sexual behavior would be motivation enough to repeat that sexual behavior. What are the implications here for sex education?


Join me in this inquiry into "liking" and "wanting." Perhaps sex educators would benefit from understanding the neuroscience involved in wanting, liking, craving and pleasure. Some of you - like me - will dive deep into this investigation. Below are resources for both beginner and advanced sex geeks. I invite those of you exploring this sex education dilemma to come together on June 8th at noon (PDT) for a communal inquiry into Pleasure, Desire, Liking and Wanting. Contact me for the Zoom URL.

Sex educators often teach their clients to ask for want they want. Perhaps better advice would be...
Resources and Research

1.   Vibrating Butt Plugs: so little effort for so much sensation.

2.   Books

  • Breath by James Nester. To perform at peak capacity, to live longer, breathe less.
  • The Wheel of Consent by Betty Martin.  Pause in the heat of passion to get clear, “Who is this for?”
  • The Politics of Trauma: Somatics, Healing & Social Justice by Staci Haines. I am working to make Staci’s paradigm the future of sex education.
3.   The Yoga of Sex 
In the Hibernation Time, I made the core teachings and videos (Module One) from the professional Sexological Bodywork training available to everyone at Tell your friends they can get one-year access to Module One for the reduced price of $300. All folks enrolling receive a $300 tuition discount toward Sexological Bodywork certification programs worldwide. So the Yoga of Sex becomes free for future certified Sexological Bodyworkers. Be sure to check out the free lesson.
4.  All of my video teaching about Healthing Porn Watching is now available on These very effective practices offer you a variety of ways to play with sexual arousal while liberating yourself from limiting habits. If you masturbate with porn, don’t miss my new Hard Conversation with “Erection Therapist” Tim Norton about becoming a better lover. Yes, how you watch porn can help you become more skillful, confident and fun to play with.
5.  Master somatic teacher Jamie McHugh’s classes are 90% practice - - half teacher-guided, half self-guided. My interoceptive awareness especially benefitted from his eight-session exploration, Thinking Body, Sensing Mind: Journeying in the Inner Landscape. Jamie's free class is The Power of the Pause.
6.  September 2021 Body Wisdom Newsletter: Erotic Massage.  In my life, I have witnessed thousands of individuals receiving erotic touch in a non-romantic situation. It was common for these individuals to report astonishing experiences, including clear messages from within, new states of awakenedness, and visionary or spiritual experiences. All my life I have been researching the benefits of non-romantic arousal. I’m interested in what you've experienced during erotic massage. Tell me...
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