25 Things Your Club Can Do to Fight Bad Dog Laws

Good laws protect dogs and uphold the rights of responsible owners. But alarmingly, too many recent animal laws erode the rights of owners and mandate care requirements that defy both science and common sense.

Some of the best—and worst—news heard ringside is, “Did you hear they just passed a law…”


How Do You Define Success in Sport of Dogs?

Those of us who compete in the various outlets that the sport of purebred dogs provides for us know that each one of us may define success in our sport in very different ways.

As a new exhibitor, simply winning that first ribbon, points, major, and eventual championship, and possibly, grand championship, will be seen as a major success to that individual. Likewise, the newcomer to the performance events is excited by early achievements in Obedience, Rally, Agility, FastCAT, and the many performance opportunities they provide.


Q & A with the Working Group Judges

Showsight's Editorial Team reached out to a collection of top Working Group Judges and asked their opinions and insights into what they are currently seeing in the rings. Find out what they had to say here.

Crowdsourcing: Utilizing the Dog Show Crowd

At the typical dog show, every interaction offers a kind of pop-up classroom where lessons are provided on everything from ring prep and breed-specific handling techniques to the general care of our favorite companion animals. (Most shows even extend an invitation or two to learn how to better deal with people under difficult circumstances.)

How the Quality of Your Dog Affects Your Win Rate

At first glance, this topic may seem obvious. If you have a better dog, you can win more, right? But there are many elements that influence how the quality of your dog affects your win rate.

We’re going to look at how your win rate is affected if you have a good dog, if you have an excellent dog, and even if you have a marginal quality dog. I work with a fair number of owner handlers who have a range in the quality of their dogs.

Endowment Effect – Do Our Eyes Deceive Us?

In discussing psychological principles that are applicable to the world of conformation dog shows, I have analyzed how our minds affect our ability to thrive in this world. In my over forty years of running in left-hand circles, I have witnessed many individuals showing their dogs, losing in most efforts while proclaiming the merit of their dog in comparison to the competition, and crucifying the judge for her incompetence and lack of knowledge in their breed.

Doing It ‘All’ – Latent Learning in Dog Training

In a previous column, I presented a crazy idea that one’s show dog could participate in multiple events successfully. I gave examples of sports with overlapping skills that an owner could do during different times of the year, allowing one to work towards whatever goals were established.

Many people I have talked with about this approach are baffled by starting one sport and switching to another before earning that sport’s title(s), but this is practical for me because of the changing seasons. Dogs don’t learn like people do, so this method is working well for me because of something called Latent Learning.


AKC Group Realignment …Again?

The June AKC Delegates Meeting once again brought up discussion of realignment the composition of and/or expanding the seven Variety Groups. Depending on your leanings, you may have experienced the gnashing of teeth or worn a big smile.

Either way, let’s examine the various reasons for and against realignment of the AKC Variety Groups. I’m hoping that this article will help us examine our thinking on the topic, generate additional questions, and possibly, develop alternative paths forward.

Do Lipid Droplets Play a Role in Canine Pyometra?

Canine pyometra, or infection of the uterus, is a life-threatening disease of intact female dogs. While medical and surgical treatment can be effective, a better understanding of how infection takes hold and how the disease develops may provide clues to develop more effective treatment and prevention strategies.

Meet the Working Group Breeders

This month we sat down with some top breeders of Working Group dogs and asked them about their history and experience with their beloved breeds. Not only did we ask them how they prepare their exciting show prospects for the ring, but we also asked how they go about getting titles on both ends.
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