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Our JRC LIVE Supply Chain Control Tower is ready for you.

Reach out and get your supply chain under control again - regain your supply chain sovereignty.

JRC LIVE Supply Chain Control Tower Eberstalzell
- under construction -

Welcome Gerald Berger in our team!

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A national perspective on the importance of supply chains

The United States needs resilient, diverse, and secure supply chains to ensure our economic prosperity and national security. In support Prof. Biden issued an executive order on America’s Supply Chains.


The Case for a Federal Office of Supply Chain

A coalition of industry group as well as the world economic forum has identified an Office of Supply Chain as an important step for a country to ensure that its supply chain infrastructure and capabilities make it competitive in the global economy.
See also MH&L, Consumer Brands Association, and Supply Chain Quarterly.

SYRI - „Systemic Risk Analysis for Food Supply Security in Austria"

Retailers have to invest in supply chain control towers to increase rapid response

75 percent of consumer goods manufacturers experienced difficulties when they had to quickly increase or decrease production capacity due to COVID-19. In order to develop agility manufacturers should optimize visibility within their supply chain“.
The latest Capgemini study highlights two key topics - supply chain resilience and digitization - in which consumer goods manufacturers and retailers will be investing massively over the next few years, aiming to respond more quickly to disruptive future events or even anticipate them. Around 60 percent of companies are planning investments in these areas. Supply chain control towers are intended to enable faster response and proactive recognition of disruptions or risks throughout the supply chain.

The World economic Forum sees supply chain visibility to be crucial to understanding the impact of disruption.

We whole-heartedly agree!

Supply Chain Control Towers will foster resilience

Recent research from McKinsey Global found that as much as 45 percent of one year’s earnings could be lost each decade because of disruptions and that significant disruptions to production now occur every 3.7 years. Therefore, supply chain resilience has catapulted to the top of the C-suite agenda. SC Control Towers will help to achieve end-to-end digitization which will be critical in resolving long-standing trade-offs between efficiency and resilience.

Growing attention for Supply Chain Control Towers

The effects of a worldwide pandemic accelerated a number of changes in the way that companies do business. Supply chain visibility and control will be future game-changers.

Resiliency starts with supplier mapping - a basic feature of a Supply Chain Control Tower

COVID-19 has done what earlier disasters should have accomplished: It caused a widespread awakening to the vulnerabilities baked into our lean, cost-optimized supply chains. It has brought a greater focus on the need for building supply chain resilience capabilities.

Decarbonizing supply chains is hard

Leading companies struggle to get the data they need and to set clear targets and standard. Engaging an often-fragmented supplier and customer landscape is challenging. A collaborative supply chain control tower solution can help to build a comprehensive emissions baseline - Step 1 (of 9) proposed by the World Economic Forum to accept the Net-Zero Challenge.

Global supply chain visibility and a dynamic bi-directional information flow are key ingredients for SCM to become a profit center

Evolution of Supply Chain Management to a profit center

How to fast track Supply Chain Control Tower Projects

Accelerator 1: Build a bold long-term vision, but start small
Accelerator 2: Build a data model that scales
We are here to guide you in both steps!

Regaining supply chain sovereignty
Acknowledgements: The financial support by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs and the National Foundation for Research, Technology and Development is gratefully acknolwedged.

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