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August 2019 Issue

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A note from the authors: Did you forget about us... or did we forget about you?
---The Authors

Back to School Shopping List:

-DISCOUNT hot glue gun: (

- books

Jake's Trip to Turkey:

After spending time with a German family, Jake went to see his Turkish friend Eda in Turkey.

In Istanbul, she took him to a vegan protest where they fought hard to sway the people to stop eating meat forever. 

When it was all said and done, they decided to remember what’s important, and reflect in their journals. At nighttime, they would read aloud their journals to her Turkish grandma and all share their thoughts, feelings, and emotions about life. Eda’s Grandma spoke only Turkish, but Jake was moved by her words. 

They would then spend their days hissing at cats and scaring the wildlife. 

They also made sure to lift weights three times a day. And play basketball with the locals. One boy said he will be in the NBA in two years. Be on the lookout for him!

Jake & Sam’s Roommate Agreement:

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Jake and Sam want to share their air-tight roommate agreement with anyone who may need a little help with their living situation this back-to-school season:

Dr. Jake

I am not feeling well this month.


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Hey, kid!

Yeah, you! Come here!


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Wanna buy a Fake STUDENT ID?


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You can use it to get 10% off the university bookstore...

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Or 20% off at Staples...


Image result for college cafeteria meal swipe

Treat your girlfriend to fake meal swipes...


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And freshmen get a free lanyard to wear every day for the first three months or so


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***Get your fake Student ID at Sarah’s Dorm Room***

Endangered Species that shouldn’t be endangered:

-Polar Bears - I like those guys on the coca cola ads

Reader Emails:

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Here is some mail from our readers:

From Grant,

Here are my numbers: 857. Hope there’s only one.

Dear Grant,

We do not know what this means. Please stop emailing us numbers. 

Thank you,
Jake & Sam


From Sophie,

It's just one number: 857.


Dear Sophie,

Please stop emailing us numbers.

Thank you,
Jake & Sam


From Reeve,

Here are my numbers: 857 is the missing number.



Stop emailing us numbers.
Jake & Sam

From Nicholas,

Here are my numbers: 857 hope there is only one.



From Matthew,

Here are my numbers: 857.



You can email us at

July Contest Winners:

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If you emailed us the number 857, you were correct!
As we continue to grow as an inclusive community, we enjoy every email we receive. Thank you.

See you next month... whenever that is
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