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+CityxChange has reached its implementation phase

A future city, a smart city - Limerick
Limerick is using innovative approaches and technology to create solutions to some of today's contemporary energy requirements and challenges.
Rosie Webb of Limerick City and County Council discusses the successes and challenges of leading the +CityxChange project which has now reached its implementation phase. Terry Connolly of European Projects Lead, Limerick City and County Council, Roisin Mc Cormac of GKinetic, Aoife Gallaher of ESB Innovation, and Evaldas Simonis of Smart MPower discuss their ongoing involvement in the project and give a brief overview of what this year has entailed. From Smart meters and monitoring the demand for energy to working with both local and national organizations to scope balancing that demand with a supply of clean green energy. Introducing Vehicle to Grid capability in the heart of Limericks Georgian District, and once again harnessing the power of the river. These are just some of the innovative elements that this interagency team are working on to combat climate issues and create a sustainable positive energy city.
News from +CityxChange and our cities
Open Innovation Call #2 - Limerick City

Limerick City and County Council opened its second call for innovative ideas that could help transform how Limerick uses energy. The call for applications closed on the 19th of March and the results will be announced soon. Limerick City and County Council, as part of +CityxChange, are offering up to €5000 for your energy-related project.

Open Innovation Call #2
Trondheim integrating +CityxChange into the local curriculum

The Newton Energy Room at the NTNU Science Museum in Trondheim is a familiar place for all 9th– grade students in the Trondheim municipality: in this science teaching room they spend two days solving tasks and learning about energy as a part of their school curriculum. Now the municipality of Trondheim is looking into how the +CityxChange project can contribute to the local education on the topics of energy and sustainability.
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Creative ways of collaborating - Smart Písek joins Urbania

Running from December 2020 to late March 2021, eight original multimedia installations offer visitors the opportunity to become the administrator of an imaginary, and yet familiar, Living City. Through the interactive installations, visitors could explore and utilize eight different principles on which organic and sustainable urban governance are based. Originally exhibited in Prague at the beginning of 2020, Sladovna Písek, in cooperation with Smart Písek, has now tailored the exhibition for the specific context of the city of Písek. However, the events had to be put on hold due to the current pandemic situation. 
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Climathon 2020 in Sestao

Sestao was the official Climathon organizer for the 2020 event in Sestao. It also invited to join the team, two neighbouring municipalities: Portugalete and Santurtzi. It, therefore, branded the event towards the public as Climathon SPS (SPS standing for Sestao, Portugalete, Santurtzi). An agreement was reached that every year, one of the cities, in a rotatory fashion, would take care of the actual organization, starting with Sestao in 2020. 

Learn more about the Climathon results
New energy management systems for Písek

Pisek joins the EneMaS project on energy management systems. The purpose of the project is to establish an energy management system at the level of the municipal authority and managed organizations. This is mainly due to the creation of a dedicated position of an energy manager, formalization and implementation of energy management processes, deepening and automating the collection of energy data and their subsequent analysis.    
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Positive Energy Champtions in Limerick
It can be frustrating and confusing to know what meaningful actions individuals, businesses and communities can take to combat climate change. For this reason, Limerick City and County Council and the +CityxChange team are exploring the development of a structured approach to enable Limerick to become a Positive Energy City by 2050, where individual actions can have a local and cumulative impact and contribute to measurable change.
Join a team of Limerick Positive Energy Champions by incorporating Positive Energy Actions into your daily routine for twenty weeks.

Click here to learn more about the Positive Energy Champions!
What's new in our Knowledge Base
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+CityxChange Glossary
Have you checked the +CityxChange project Glossary? It is a new element that has been recently integrated into our Knowledge Base. Non-technical definitions of +CityxChange terms are now available online. The Glossary is an evolving element within our website, therefore, additional terms can be expected. 
D2.6 Framework for community grid implementation 
The deliverable 2.6: Framework for Community Grid Implementation was submitted by MPOWER, with contributions from Powel, ESB Networks, IOTA, and NTNU in January 2021. The report describes an innovative approach to the creation of a disturbance neutral local energy community that will be implemented in +CityxChange lighthouse city of Limerick Ireland) and Trondheim (Norway). It is based on experience from Tallaght Community Energy Living Lab1 enriched with new insights that came from further research and inputs from other project partners involved in this task (POWEL, TrønderEnergi, ESB Networks, and IOTA). The report is formed in a way that can be used for application in any other city, covering all parts that are necessary for the implementation of the Community Grid.
Other deliverables that have been produced during the last couple of months include: 
D1.2 Report on the Architecture for the ICT Ecosystem;
D2.7 Local DPEB trading market demonstration tool
‘’Co-creating Positive Energy Districts, with Integrated Planning and Design, a Common Energy Market & CommunityxChange’’
Project partner news
IOTA based +CityxChange unveils demo tool for automated energy trading 
The IOTA Foundation-led and EU-funded “+CityxChange” project received a “business ready” maturity rating from the European Commission’s Innovation Radar in September 2020. After the start in the “lighthouse cities” Limerick (Ireland) and Trondheim (Norway), the expansion of the project to five more cities was announced.
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ABB +CityxChange webpage
Within the new +CityxChange related webpage, managed by our project partners ABB, you can read more about their groundbreaking plus city solutions in Trondheim. ABB is delivering smart management solutions that make selected districts energy-positive.   
Check out their webpage
Trondheim +CityxChange portal
Trondheim Municipality has now their own +CityxChange portal. Learn more about how they are developing smart solutions so they use less power than they make. 
Check out their webpage
IES Georgian Neighbourhood 3D Model
As part of the project, a 3D model of the Georgian Neighbourhood has been created by IES to enable the Limerick community to visualise the energy use and carbon emissions across their city. Alongside energy consumption data, the platform will provide real-time information on renewable energy generation and storage. 
Interactive 3D Model

RESPONSE - Integrated Solutions for Positive Energy and Resilient Cities
A new project has joined the Smart Cities and Communities Lighthouse projects. RESPONSE aims to establish a strategic vision for Smart Cities Energy Transition: Climate-neutral cities by 2050. Funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, RESPONSE is a 60-month project. 
Click here to learn more about it. 

MakingCity - New Publication 
Read "The Urban Financial Metabolism Model: Quantifying the societal impact of residential energy poverty in Groningen, the Netherlands". 
Download it here. 

SPARCS March Newsletter
If you haven't read yet SPARCS March Newsletter, here is your chance to catch up with their latest events and webinars, as well as, their latest news from their Lighthouse Cities. 
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mySMARTLife, MAKING-CITY, POCITYF, MatchUP and STARDUST to start the webinar series on Mobility-Energy-ICT
This webinar series aims to inform the public as well as interested stakeholders, and local authorities interested in the specific solutions presented in mySMARTLife and the European smart city projects MAKING-CITY, POCITYF, MatchUP and STARDUST. 
Click here to get registered and to check the webinar series agenda. 

REPLICATE project organised the final conference on the 26th of March
REPLICATE project has come to the end. The objective of the conference was to share and disseminate the results of the project, as well as the impacts generated. The event shared experiences, knowledge and challenges and brought together several agents from the Smart ecosystem that focused on the Smart City model.
Learn more about it. 

Making-City introduces REFLECT - the project's think tank
The MAKING-CITY project has launched REFLECT, a think tank whose mission is to foster an advanced dialogue between stakeholders and experts on the topics of Smart Cities and Energy Transition towards a common 2050 City Vision.
Read the REFLECT manifesto

ATELIER - New deliverables online
ATELIER has uploaded two new deliverables to their 'Outcomes' section. You can either read the short summary or delve right into the entire document to receive detailed information on the ATELIER methodologies. 
Check them out here. 

STARDUST Newsletter #5
The newsletter features STARDUST's latest news for the first second semester of 2020 up until February 2021.
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Check out the latest +CityxChange outcomes in our 'Knowledge base' on our website. Among other deliverables, you can find the 'Citizen Participation Playbook', 'Framework for Bold City Vision, Guidelines, and Incentive Schemes', and the 'Report on the Flexibility Market'. Read more.
Coordination team:
Annemie Wyckmans - Project coordinator
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Dirk Ahlers - Project manager
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Lighthouse City representatives:
Rosie Webb - Lighthouse City Coordinator, Limerick City and County Council
Urban and Village Renewal, Senior Architect,

Silja Rønningsen - Lighthouse City Coordinator,
Trondheim Kommune
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