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+CityxChange's 1st Anniversary

2nd Consortium Meeting, Limerick 

From the 23-25 October 2019, +CityxChange partners were in Limerick and participated in the 2nd Consortium Meeting. After the first year of the project, we took advantage of the face-to-face partner interaction to dive into key challenges which evolved during the work of the last year and develop joint outcomes which help us to move further from the development to the deployment phase.
Eight in-depth parallel workshops took place during the intensive days, touching upon topics such as 'Developing a common understanding and definitions of central project terms'; 'Monitoring and Evaluation tool'; 'Citizen-led energy transition'; 'Privacy and Smart City Data'; 'Common Energy Market', 'CommunityxChange'; 'City Modelling'; and 'Transport and Mobility'.
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News from the project and our cities
Public launch of +CityxChange project in Limerick

September saw the public launch of the +CityxChange project in Limerick. +CityxChange was launched for the public by Ireland’s Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Richard Bruton T.D. at the Georgian House, Pery Square in Limerick. The reaction from local and regional stakeholders as well as the wider Limerick public has been a declaration of intent from the city and county regarding its determination to fight climate change. Check the brochure for more information on the +CityxChange Limerick project overview.  
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Powerhouse Brattørkaia official opening 

On the 30th of August, +CityxChange celebrated the official opening of the Powerhouse Brattørkaia (Trondheim) which is the biggest new positive energy building in Norway. It will generate more energy in its operational phase than it consumes through the production of building materials, construction, operation and disposal of the building. 
Powerhouse Brattørkaia video
Community Participation Events in Limerick

A ‘major mobilisation’ of interested and enthusiastic members of the public and other stakeholders has been the hallmark of the +CityxChange pilot programme which is looking at innovative ways to tackle the issue of reducing our carbon footprint. As part of the +CityxChange project, a series of Community Participation Events have taken place in the FabLab in Limerick, around specific topics on collective thinking and action. Check the brochure for more information on the calendar of the one-week long events. 
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The Future of Urban Energy Systems: Innovation for positive energy cities and sustainable communities

Limerick and Trondheim took part in the European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels (7-10 October 2019), where they highlighted the key challenges and solutions put forward by the Horizon2020 project +CityxChange (Positive City Exchange). Speakers in the session were: Mihai Bilauca
Pat DalySilja Rønningsen, Morten Wolden
Session summary
Trondheim and Limerick join the Climathon Wave 2019

From the 25-26 October, our Lighthouse Cities, Trondheim and Limerick, participated on the Global Climathon day. Such events aim at bringing together citizens, cities and local economies to develop local solutions to climate challenges. 
Both cities invited their citizens to join and cooperate with like-minded people who want to have an impact on finding new ways to help the city transition to achieve more sustainable urban ecosystems and lower their carbon footprint.  
Clicks the button below for more information on our lighthouse cities' (Limerick Climathon 2019, Trondheim Climathon 2019) involvement in the Global Climathon day.
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What's new in our Knowledge Base
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D3.1 Framework for Bold City Vision, Guidelines and Incentive Schemes
The dual purpose of this document is to present the framework, as well as illustrate how the framework itself opens a multitude of windows of opportunities to identify and share potential contributions that may add value to the transition process. Each process, and sub-process offers an array of opportunities to plug in new ideas and solutions.
D7.4: Monitoring and Evaluation Dashboard 
This report includes a description of the Monitoring and Evaluation Reporting Tool (MERT) (connected to Task 7.2 and Task 7.3) that was developed to store, manage, process, display and share project monitoring data. To enable these functions, the MERT was developed as an interactive web-based dashboard to analyse and represent the data. Check also  D7.5D7.6.
D9.4: Report on Intra-Project Collaboration Including Study Visits and Peer-to-Peer Workshops 
This report (Deliverable 9.4) provides an overview of the study visits, peer-to-peer workshops, and other intra-project learning activities performed by the Lighthouse and Follower Cities in +CityxChange, between 1 May and 31 October 2019. Check also D9.5; D9.6.
D10.6: Plan for Dissemination and Exploitation of +CityxChange project results
This document is revised annually and supersedes the previous version. It is composed of 1) the outline of the communication goals; 2) the context in which the goals have to be implemented; 3) the formulation of a strategy and a detailed plan; 4) the organisation, tasks and roles; and 5) the means or delivery channels. Check also D10.7.
‘’Co-creating Positive Energy Districts, with Integrated Planning and Design, a Common Energy Market & CommunityxChange’’
Project partner news
Developers community update: IOTA & +CityxChange
IOTA informs about the technical development work that IOTA has been doing in close collaboration with the project partners since the +CityxChange project started, and presents a roadmap for the development work expected in the remainder of the project. 
ISOCARP Institute
+CityxChange in the 55th ISOCARP World Planning Congress in Jakarta/Bogor, Indonesia
+CityxChange attracted the attention of many academics and professionals while being showcased, presented and discussed during the ISOCARP Institute special session at the 55th ISOCARP World Planning Congress in Jakarta/Bogor, Indonesia.
Citizen Sensing Lab is a series of events and workshops to introduce, develop and co-create a community around citizen sensing in Limerick. 

Citizen Sensing Lab #1, 
@Fab Lab Limerick Organised by Colaborativa, participants learned how to make and use DIT (do-it-together) sensors and technology to monitor our environment. When individuals and communities are part of designing and building their own digital sensors, previously obscure “smart-city” technologies start to have a clear purpose: helping to make sense of the world and take steps to change it for the better.

Citizen Sensing Lab #2, @Fab Lab Limerick Organised by COL (Colaborativa).
PechaKucha night & assembly workshop on do-it-together sensors and technology to monitor our environment, held together with Dr. Breandán Anraoi MacGabhann (Geography lecturer at MIC), Ivor O’Shea (Mid West Makers) and Brendan Cooney (Senior Executive Scientist for Wexford Co). 
SCC01 News and Events
+CityxChange in the SmartCity Expo World Congress / Barcelona
Together with other SCC01 projects, we will participate in the SmartCity Expo World Congress. Meet us at our stand to get to know more about the cities which are involved in the programme. 
19-21 November, 2019
Barcelona, Spain

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ATELIER, a new smart city EU-funded project:
On 1 November 2019, the Smart City project ATELIER, funded by the European Commission under the H2020-LC-SC3-2018-2019-2020 call, officially started. Coordinated by the City of Amsterdam, ATELIER will focus on developing citizen-driven Positive Energy Districts in its two Lighthouse Cities Amsterdam and Bilbao, combining the expertise and the commitment of 30 partners from 11 countries. Read the initial press release.

MatchUP's article – Smart city, wise city: 
The term smart cities mainly refer to the field of technology. Some fear that the intelligent cities of the future will be massively robotic, with algorithms dominating people. Hence the need for more citizen engagement in designing the digital revolution of their urban spaces. Read the full article.

POCITYF: A new smart city EU-funded project:
POCITYF is set to transform our historical and cultural cities into more efficient, healthy, sustainable living environments with "positive energy districts”. Led by EDP, the project kicked off on 9 October with 46 partners from 13 countries. Read the full press release.

REMOURBAN, TRIANGULUM AND GrowSmarter share policy recommendations
During the European Week of Regions and Cities, the first three Smart Cities and Communities projects GrowSmarter, Remourban and Triangulum, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, hosted the session ''From dream to reality:sharing experiences from leading European Smart Cities'' at which more than 150 participants took place. Read the press release.
As a major outcome of this joint session by GrowSmarter, Remourban and Triangulum, the three projects collectively produced a policy paper to summarise the experiences and the knowledge gained within these five years of smart city implementations. The set of policy recommendations builds upon combined lessons learned to support other EU cities in their transition towards smart and sustainable cities and communities. 

REPLICATE: project celebrates the 4th General Assembly in the city of Florence:
The 38 consortium members met from 29 to 31 October to present the project progress of the last 12 months and to celebrate the 4th General Assembly. Read more.

SPARCS was officially launched at the beginning of October in Espoo, Finland:
It brings together 31 partners in a network of sustainable and zero-carbon communities to trigger citizen-centric urban transformation with a focus on digitalisation, sustainable energy, improved air quality, electro-mobility solutions, and a framework for performance monitoring of the developed solutions. Read more.

STARDUST: The seven cities that will enlighten Europe:
This September, the STARDUST project is exploring its cities’ dreams and smart cities endeavours by storytelling. Watch all 7 videos. 

SMARTER TOGETHER is a joint project that aims to improve citizens’ quality of life in transforming cities:
The three lighthouse cities – Lyon, Munich and Vienna have implemented the main demonstration activities in specific districts and are now monitoring the results and upscaling solutions to city level. The grand opening of the NMS Enkplatz School in the #SmarterTogether project area of Simmering- Vienna (AT) took place on October 9. The new ‘smart school’ is energy-neutral and has many inn
ovations which make the school environmentally friendly as well as an excellent place for students to learn. Munich (DE) hosted several delegations from Europe, Asia and South America to study Smart City solutions and exchange ideas. 

TRIANGULUM International Conference:
On 23 and 24 September, Triangulum celebrated its international conference “Energising Cities: Innovations, Challenges & Solutions” in Stavanger, Norway, merging into the Nordic Edge Expo & Conference, taking place from 24-26.09. The event was a great success with overall 185 participants and 25 speakers from all over Europe. In the morning, two keynotes and presentations by the Triangulum Project Coordinator as well as the European Commission kick-started this two-day event. The afternoon then was all about sharing experiences and learnings from Triangulum and its six cities. In four interactive sessions, the topics climate change, governance, citizen engagement and investment & replication were actively discussed. Read more.
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Coordination team:
Annemie Wyckmans - Project coordinator
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Dirk Ahlers - Project manager
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Lighthouse City representatives:
Mihai Bilauca - Lighthouse City Coordinator, 
Head of Digital Strategy and EU Programmes, Limerick City and County Council

Silja Rønningsen - Lighthouse City Coordinator,
Trondheim Kommune
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