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+CityxChange adopted to a new digital format of events and interactions

+CityxChange Online Consortium Meeting

Towards the end of the second year, the project is moving heavily into the implementation of demonstration projects in LHCs and FCs. Our 3rd consortium meeting was initially planned to take place in Sestao/Spain, but due to COVID19 circumstances, we had to adapt to a completely digital format. Nonetheless, it was quite a successful and insightful 4-days event, extended from the 19th to the 22nd of October. During the meeting, we discussed
the transition from Work Packages 1-2-3 to city Work Packages 4-5-6 and the challenges and opportunities around it. After an overview of all Work Packages on 19 October, a suite of sessions took place by providing a more detailed look at particular challenges. This digital event included interactive digital/visual workshops and learning sessions. At the same time, we used Gather.Town as a platform to foster more interaction among participants during lunch breaks. 
Storytelling Workshop: Placemaking through Stories.  On the 20th of October 2020, ISOCARP Institute hosted the 3rd +CityxChange Stoyreliing Workshop in a digital format, as part of our annual consortium meeting.  The aim of the workshop was to understand and reflect on storytelling as a tool for citizen engagement and communication. The event lasted around two and a half hours with discussions and presentations from other Smart City projects in the Basque Country – a place where the consortium meeting would have been celebrated in case Covid-19 travel restrictions did not apply. 
News from +CityxChange and our cities
Limerick City Engage Week 2 - Renewable Energy

Limerick City and County Council in collaboration with +CityxChange partners hosted a full engagement week of nine online webinars and workshops from the 14 to the 19 September on the theme of renewable energy. The target for this engagement week was owners and occupiers of buildings in the Georgian neighbourhood of Limerick but also professionals and those with an interest in sustainable development. 

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Sluppen City Lab opening in Trondheim 

Many partners gathered at Lager 11 in Trondheim on September 10th to exchange experiences so far within the project and to look at new business opportunities. At Lager 11 you’ll also find one of +CityxChange’ city labs. It was officially opened by the Minister of Local Government and Modernisation, Nikolai Aastrup. The lab provides information about the Sluppen area and about the project and its partners.
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Võru to switch to a completely LED technology street lighting

Our follower city, Võru, is the first city in Estonia, and as far as we know, in the Baltics, where street lighting is 100% provided with energy-efficient LED lamps. During the last six years, the city of Võru has been working to ensure that street lighting throughout the city is modern, efficient to run and safe.
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Action cluster meeting and launch of the new initiative on regulatory frameworks

The launch of the new Smart Cities Marketplace Initiative on Regulatory Frameworks in the Integrated Planning, Policy and Regulation Action Cluster of the Smart Cities Marketplace, was done online on 21 October 2020 between 14h-16h. To this launch, experts from European, national and local authorities, industry and social entrepreneurs, financial sector, NGOs, research organisations, academia, and civic organisations, were invited. 
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+CityxChange project solutions and frameworks in the EU Horizon 2020 Innovation Radars

IOTA has been recognised as key innovator in the +CityxChange project to bring Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) innovation in the Energy Trading Marketplace. This innovative solution is being developed within the project’s framework by our consortium partners, IOTA, Powel AS and ABB AS. 

Furthermore, our Bold City Vision Framework, developed by Trondheim Commune, has also been recognised as an important innovation across EU programmes in 2019.

Both solutions are in a Business Ready stage. 

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EIP-SCC General Assembly: Smart energy solutions - Demonstration and replication in Central and Eastern Europe

Two of our follower cities, Alba Iulia and Pisek, were part of the panel discussion on the special session for cities actively wanting to work on becoming Smart Cities with cities in the region sharing user stories on how to set up new smart city projects and what is needed for replication of best practices. This session focused on energy-related aspects.
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The energy positive city, Trondheim
What exactly is energy and how will Trondheim get Europe to use new and smart solutions so we use less electricity than we make?
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Subscribe to our YouTube channel to have full access to our video and webinars
+CityxChange and Climathon 2020
This year, five +CityxChange cities (Limerick, Pisek, Sestao, Trondheim, and Voru) worked together to develop coordinated Climathon events (WP10). A Climathon is an opportunity for public engagement around city-specific climate challenges, which can be tied to the work of the +CityxChange project. Our five cities collaborated over months to develop and deliver events which would be responsive to their local citizens and stakeholders, under quite challenging circumstances. Now that our events are nearing completion, we would like to invite our project partners to an informal sharing session, to hear about the lessons we learned in working together to reach out, in this most unusual year.
Wednesday, 16 December 2020
12:00 PM CET

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What's new in our Knowledge Base
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D3.4 Framework for a Positive Energy Champion Network
This report describes how +CityxChange LHCs and FCs can engage citizens through a Positive Energy Champion Campaign to initiate a Positive Energy Champion Network – a team of individual Positive Energy Champions who embrace Positive Energy Concepts, take Positive Energy Actions and foster Positive Energy Communities by sharing their knowledge and experience with their fellow citizens. The Positive Energy Champion Network will comprise a network of local influencers who can help translate the ideas, plans and innovations associated with +CityxChange implementation and the clean energy transition into local knowledge and actions. 
D4.1 Limerick DST (Integrated Modelling and Decision Support Tool) including training manuals/videos
This deliverable outlines the Demonstrations that have been given to Limerick City and County Council (LCCC) over the past 12 months along with training on how to use the Integrated Modelling and Decision Support Tool (DST) so that LCCC staff could operate the DST for their own purposes and use it to inform the development of the Bold City Vision (T4.2) and future development of the Limerick PEB and Positive Energy District. It was also important for LCCC to be trained in the use of the tool so that they could provide feedback to IESRD with respect to functionality and inform further developments as part of WP1 activities. As such an initial large demonstration and training was organised for May 2019 and this was followed up with smaller updates during the WP4 monthly meetings in Limerick and followed by a further demonstration and workshop in February 2020 where the addition of the socio-economic factors was discussed as well as the dashboards for public display.
Other deliverables that have been produced during the last couple of months include: 
D3.4: Framework for DPEB Learning and Education;
D3.6 Framework for DPEB innovation labs;
D4.3 Limerick Innovation Lab Solutions;
D9.11 Storytelling Workshops, inviting other LHCs and FCs;
D10.8 Plan for Dissemination and Exploitation of  +CityxChange project results. 
‘’Co-creating Positive Energy Districts, with Integrated Planning and Design, a Common Energy Market & CommunityxChange’’
Project partner news
IOTA News: Cost-efficient energy trading platform for Europe is now operational 
The framework of this project aims to create a common energy market and connected communities that are malleable enough to integrate new policy interventions and business models. As part of the sustainability objective, CityxChange will include local renewable energy and a P2P energy trading platform, where the IOTA Foundation is the main innovator in the EU’s Innovation Radar initiative.
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Limerick City and County Council: Community-Led Open Innovation
Limerick’s Georgian Neighbourhood is developing flexibly. As part of Limerick City and County Council’s EU project +CityxChange (Positive City Exchange), through the use of prototyping and community participation and in close cooperation with stakeholders: citizens, companies, city administration and researchers, we are looking at ways to develop smarter cities that are open and accessible for all.
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Trondheim is leading the way to change the EU's energy regulations
The current regulations for energy supply are complicated and unsuitable for promoting energy-smart cities and a green shift. Trondheim Municipality in collaboration with NTNU and Powel has therefore pointed this out to the EU - and been invited to contribute to what a changed and better regulation should look like.
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EU Mobility Week
#WeMoveSmart was the social media campaign launched on the occasion of the European Mobility Week (16 – 22 September 2020) by the cities involved in EU-funded smart cities projects. The goal? Inviting citizens to share pictures, videos or short stories on their sustainable way to move around.

ATELIER - Launch of Innovation Atelier Amsterdam
The City of Amsterdam, together with local partners, wants to show that a (part of) the Buiksloterham neighborhood can become Energy Positive, in other words, it supplies more energy than is uses. In the European project ATELIER, a Positive Energy District is being realized in two European cities (Amsterdam and Bilbao). Click here to learn more about it. 

MakingCity - First PED achievement in Groningen 
Since the launch of the MAKING-CITY project in December 2018, Groningen started converting two districts in PED areas. Joep de Boer, from WarmteStad, features the first achievements that have been done in the Dutch city, which is one of the two Lighthouse cities of the MAKING-CITY project. Learn more about it. 

SmartEnCity Network Bulletin no.23
Read about the Italian based SmartEnCity Network and about the testing of the electric bus in Lighthouse City Vitoria-Gasteiz. Find out about the new murals decorating renovated buildings in the two Lighthouse Cities Tartu and Vitoria-Gasteiz. And learn about what is going on in the Smart Cities sister projects. Click here to read the bulletin. 

POCITYF installs 940 solar panels at the demo site De Meent in Alkmaar
The activities to make De Meent (Alkmaar) more sustainable have started! As part of POCITYF project, 940 solar panels are being placed above the parking spaces on the south side of the ice rink. The solar park will also be equipped with a charging plaza with 16 charging points for cars and 20 for bicycles. Six other European participating cities are watching and learning from this sustainability action in Alkmaar. Check it out!

REPLICATE project shared experiences in the Sustainable Places event and European Regions Week during October
The project, co-financed within the H2020 program contract number 691735 (European call SCC1 Smart Cities and Communities) and coordinated by Fomento de San Sebastian,has participated, in October, in several events at European level presenting the actions carried out and exchanging experiences with other European projects. Learn more about it. 

IRIS Factsheets on Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)\
The IRIS factsheet on Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) presents the experiences from the project’s Lighthouse Cities Utrecht, Nice and Gothenburg that installed stationary electricity storage at district and building level. New Lithium-Ion batteries and 2nd life batteries are used in buildings in Nice and Gothenburg, as well as in the Kanaleneiland-Zuid district in Utrecht. Read the factsheet. 

STARDUST - A sneak peek into Derry's replication actions
On 3 July 2020, the STARDUST project organised an online Capacity Building Workshop (CBWS) for the Follower City of Derry/Londonderry (Northern Ireland, UK) as part of the activities focused on knowledge transfer and its deployment to follower cities. Check out the webinar

RUGGEDISED - Umeå smart solution nominated for ‘Design of the Year’ at London Design Museum
The Station of Being, an innovative bus station at Umeå University created as part of the EU funded RUGGEDISED project, has been nominated for the Beazley Designs of the Year 2020 award, which is presented by the London Design Museum. The Station of Being is one of three nominees in the transport category. Check the full news. 
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