Pig's Monthly Digest - June

Hey people! In case you missed some action last month, here is the digest of the most popular stuff from me. Enjoy!


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Salting the Wounds - Florencio’s goes Terran! - Florencio Files #67


"Slightly" Delayed Natural - Florencio Files #68


Florencio gets FOOLED! - Florencio Files #71


The Merry Go Round of Terran Sorrow - Florencio Files #66


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PiG is unhappy about this nonsense.


Geoff's been a naughty boy




pigs casting


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Just finished the Extreme Ownership audiobook - imparts a lot of wisdom on leadership, motivation and discipline - and goddamned the life or death situations used to highlight these points give it weight. Brief and to the point, I'd highly recommend it.


I got a new toy!! Gunna do so much silly stuff with this :D Thanks @elgatogaming @corsair !


That moment of pure elation as your flanking attack catches them by surprise! Compositions like battle-mech can be some of the most frustrating things to fight. It's like fighting someone with far superior reach who can land blow after blow whilst you feel helpless. It's important to remember that with all strengths also come weaknesses. Cyclones and hellions strength is their range and their mobility - their weakness is their extreme fragility. You can lose 6 skirmishes in a row and yet one good flanking attack or pincer movement that blocks their retreat can utterly crush their army. Turning the game upside down in a moment. Don't get frustrated and headbutt forward, split your army in two and always look for the flank. At the very least your opponent will realise whats happening and be much more careful, unable to freely pick away at you whilst they try to dodge your trap. P.s. i think about stuff like this a lot and was inspired by @danaherjohn mini insta essays so I'll try sharing more of this stuff for a few weeks here to try it out. Let me know if you wanna see more.


Some (en)light(ening) poolside reading. Got it a few years ago with a fat stack of "famous must read books" I ordered and finally got around to reading it. Surprisingly simply written for 1920s literature, and very short. A tale that is entirely wrapped up in the attempt to find meaning and happiness. I feel its strongest message might be how some things can't be tracked down but instead you have to wait for them to come to you. Simply being patient, appreciative and full of openness and love for the world around you will lead to more happiness than a strict hunt for happiness and meaning.


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We got a genius here.


Here's me commentary on Jenga Dog🎙#ozzymanreviews #dogs #funnyshit


Just a reminder that i won't be streaming until 18th June. Dot n I are about to take off for a holiday in Vietnam landing in HCM but mostly Danang/Hoi An. My priorities will be:

1) Eat
2) Beach
3) Eat
4) Explore
5) Eat
6) poop
7) eat
8) Sleep

Cya'll in 10 days!


SC MASTER is returning!!

We continue our quest to find out who is the best player in the world at all 3 races, now through a monthly best of 9 showmatch where every matchup must be played!

Two top GMs @BeastyqtSC2 and @LamboSC2 face off in our first bout :D


Jared "PiG" Krensel


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