Pig's Monthly Digest - July

Hey people! In case you missed some action last month, here is the digest of the most popular stuff from me. Enjoy!


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Let's see how this robot boogies - AlphaStar Breakdown Pt. 1


Balance Update LEAKED!? Massive Stim and Warp Prism Changes


Scarlett puts PiG in the trash!


"What the Hell is this?" - PiG - Florencio Files #79


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That’s beautiful!


ZvZ decision-making flowchart


"Relocate to the main base" - "ABORT MISSION!"


RIP BibleThump


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"IT WORKED!" as fun as finding a use for your soundboard is, rewatching the clip reminded me how easy it is to tunnel vision in game and lose sight of the big picture. The first bane runby is disappointing, the lings accidentally run up the ramp into a baneling and only those final 2 banes hit the money. I could have easily been thrown off by my previous micro errors and missed the chance to find that big hit. What kept me mentally focused was that I was executing a set play with a clear plan: 1) Distract with lings, splitting a few onto banes to force micro and attention from opponent 2) move banes into mineral line - switching focus to them just at the last moment to target workers. Then disengage, and repeat with the next pair of banelings. Having that setplay in my head allowed me to stay calm and focused whilst macroing behind it realising I was forcing a lot of mis macro from my opponent whilst they defend a very small pressure. Any damage is really just a bonus since I'm up on 3 bases with a good economy behind it. Try to keep this big picture awareness and try to create patterns and habits in your harassment - with experience they'll become super tight set plays that you can pull out again and again. P.S. note each mineral line is different but pay attention to where the biggest clumps of workers are for maximum damage. This was a hugeeee hit for 2 banelings.


Gloating over the little victories can be fun :D


Sometimes deep in a game gone terribly wrong, our Terran prayers are answered. Proud to present the new series: Diamond in the RuFF - episode 1 - Divine Intervention:


Sometimes i get so excited i make a new combo of naughty words :P


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With immense grief, we announce Geoff’s unexpected passing due to sudden illness Saturday. We ask privacy as his family works to understand what happened and make arrangements. To honor Geoff or offer comfort to his family, we suggest donations to @SoCalBulldog, which he loved.


Geoff is deeply loved across many communities and we’re all working to make sure his affairs are in order as he’d want. BARRISTAN is safe in the care of friends, and family will share words of remembrance when they are ready. Let’s live today in his example of love and laughter


Terrible, shocking news about @iNcontroLTV passing. I'm utterly stunned and in shock. Going to call some close friends and family for support. I urge you all to do the same. Talk to each other and look for support. We all grieve today


StarCraft update! As part of ongoing scientific research into artificial intelligence, players can now opt-in for the chance to be matched against experimental versions of DeepMind's StarCraft II agent, AlphaStar, on the competitive ladder.

Learn more:


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