Thank you for your participation in the inaugural CUSF National Skeet Championships. I am very impressed with the turnout considering the limited time teams have had to get their shooters prepared. We had had 17 entries representing 3 different schools. 

Congratulations to Mason Mchugh of Carleton University the first ever CUSF skeet champion with a solid 84/100 and beating Kelvin Jiang in the shootoff round, Mason was also Champion in the Triple Sub and Collegiate concurrents. I would also like to congratulate Kelvin Jiang the Runner-Up and Military Concurrent Champion as well as Nathan Byerley the competitions 3rd Place finisher. The Lady concurrent Champion and Military Concurrent Runner-Up was Colleen Blaney from Carleton University. Lady Runner-Up was Madison Hillstead from Mount Royal. Congratulations again to you all!


By now you should all have received your complimentary NSSA memberships, classification/ score cards and been granted access to, if you click skeet, then members, and “my records” you should be able to login and gain access to your shoot history, averages and classes based on your scores. You can also access other shooters scores or view scoreboards for any NSSA Competition. I recommend you all check out the monthly publication of “Clay Target Nation”, you can learn a lot from the articles written by the sports great shooters and top coaches. 


For immediate reference, the class you are placed in is based on your average (broken targets to lost targets) from your last 5 events in that gun (gauge), this is called your running 5. Before you have completed 5 events, unless all of your scores are very close, you will see that your class may change many times. Once your running 5 is established, you can only go down in class once per shooting season but you can go up in class infinitely. You are responsible for keeping track of your scores, on the score card that came with your NSSA membership package. This is because there may be a delay between when you shoot an event and when the scores are updated on the NSSA’s system. When you arrive at a competition you need to present your score card with up to date averages and classes. Discrepancies between what class you register in at a competition and your actual class, based on your average scores, can cause disciplinary measures and loss in monetary winnings, if you are competing in a shoot with payouts. 


Concurrents are mostly based on your age, if you are under 18 or under you are in the Junior concurrent. Though in Ontario, if you are 22 and under you are still considered a Junior within the OSSA and can compete in the Junior Skeet Championships, though in the NSSA system you are in the Triple Sub concurrent, if you are 19 and up to 40 years old. There are other concurrents and you all fall under the Collegiate Concurrent. So when you register for a shoot most of you will register as Triple Sub and all of you can enter competitions as Collegiate concurrent shooters as well. Lady, Military and First Responder are other concurrents.


In order to take part in CUSF competitions you must keep your NSSA membership in good standing. All CUSF competitions are sanctioned under the NSSA and rules and by-laws. Please do your best to read and understand them. You need to renew your membership by Dec 31 2019. If anyone has any questions regarding your NSSA membership, anything else related to the NSSA or just skeet shooting related, feel free to contact myself, Dean Herzberg, at


Along with NSSA memberships all registered NSSA targets must be thrown within state regulation, shooters must ensure that they are registered with their state association (province for us Canadians, though it is still called a state association), ie: Ontario Skeet Shooting Association or Alberta Skeet Shooting Association. 


I ask that you all check you state associations websites for NSSA competitions near you. With your NSSA memberships you are all eligible to enter any NSSA sanctioned competition. Getting out there is the only way you will get better at competition shooting, I hope you all make an effort and take part in a shoot or two.


We are growing extremely fast and stay tuned for more information. We are looking at scheduling our next skeet competition for fall 2019. 


You are all embarking on a very fun journey to mastering one of the most enjoyable sports on the planet.


Dean Herzberg - Sure Shot Coaching

CUSF Shotgun Coordinator

CUSF Skeet Director

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