June 2020 Update

Hope everyone is enjoying the wave of good weather that June has brought (most) of us! The CUSF continues to roll along, striving to build on our 3 main pillars:

1. LEARN we strive to teach students across Canada on firearms safety and the rules and regulations surrounding responsible firearms ownership 📙

2. COMPETE we aim to raise awareness of the shooting sports, and provide a league that allows any and all Canadian students to participate 🎯

3. EDUCATE our organization helps student sport shooting clubs get started, and keep operating long into the future. Through our shared goal of students educating other students we can reach a large audience and expose young adults to the joy of sport shooting and conservation 💥

Happy Canada Day and stay positive out there!  🍁 🇨🇦 🍁

Unveiling our new CUSF Blog!

How well do you know the iconic Lee-Enfield family of rifles? Check out our new blog on Medium where our resident journalism student, Norman Matchem, walks through the complete history of these rifles so thoroughly entrenched in Canadian culture. Enjoy!

Join our Airgun Competition!

Who is ready for the CUSF Stay at Home 10m Air Rifle Competition! As of today the competition is live for both high school and post secondary students! For full details on rules, prizes, how to join, and all other requirements visit

Huge thank you to Tesro Canada for sponsoring this event and making it possible!

Partnership Highlights

Each month we recognize organizations and individuals who have been working with us to further sport shooting and firearms education across Canada. For June we would like to recognize Nicolas from for his helping the CUSF with the world of PR, mainstream media, and understanding journalism. If you haven't check out his website, be sure to swing by and subscribe for unbiased, quality reporting and analysis on Canadian firearms news!

We would also like to recognize the good folks out of Windscribe for helping with hosting and IT matters. If you value your privacy on the internet, but sure to check out their VPN services!

Club Spotlight: "Censored" University Sport Shooting Association

It has definitely been an eventful year for CUSSA (the CUSF affiliated club out of Concordia University)! We had been in an ongoing battle with the student union as to club recognition process. Despite receiving initial approval, the club’s status was revoked in a closed-doors meeting of the student union council and sent to a referendum of the student body without any warning, before we were even able to host our first range day. In doing so they violated their own governing statutes, bylaws and standing regulations, so CUSSA appealed to the Judicial Board of the student union.

However, this opposition did not faze us. Despite not being recognized as an official group (even while our appeal was under review), we persevered. Despite a lack of support from the student union, we managed to find ways through sponsorships to help fund our Club and its events. Despite the ongoing referendum, we hosted our first series of range days with tremendous success! Despite the initial results from the referendum being negative, meaning that until the appeal was heard, the club was barred from receiving funding or advertising on campus, we managed to reach out to the student community, and were able to host seven range events between November 2019 and March 2020, with one event in late March unfortunately cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. In total, we had nearly 100 students and volunteers participate in those events, all without any support from the student union.

The good news didn’t end there either. During the lockdown, the Judicial Board finally decided to take up our case. It ruled in our favour, re-instating our club status. Moreover, the board also ruled it unacceptable of the student union to send any clubs to referendum whatsoever, making this not only a victory for us, but for all clubs on campus who might draw the ire of a member of the student council for ideological reasons.
This means that CUSSA is back and stronger than ever. We are currently preparing for the next semester: building a larger team, getting advertisements ready and looking at which ranges will allow visitors so that we can promote the hobby among students at Concordia. With new sources of funding secured and a new ruleset for all clubs being implemented, we are ready to hit the ground running. We hope to start holding events in the fall and advertise on campus as soon as it's allowed and the school re-opens up to students.

- James, President of the Censored University Sport Shooting Association
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