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A couple of items:

Somerset REC Right-of-Way Maintenance

Somerset REC advises that they will be removing branches and doing other right-of-way (ROW) maintenance over the next few weeks.  The REC ROWs generally follow the utility easements which exist along the property lines of all lots deeded out of Allegheny Mountain Lakes.  These old deeds and ROWs may not appear in your current deeds but are incorporated by reference in the chain of title.  A good rule of thumb is that if there is a power line or pole on or across your property, they have a right to trim the ROW and protect them.

In the past REC has not satisfactorily cleaned up the mess they've created.  Should that occur, your recourse is to call Somerset REC directly, not the Borough.  REC is historically good about resolving valid customer complaints.  Should you remain unsatisfied, please drop us a line for therapy, 
ROW Maintenance Issues

Both Paul Balint and Mayor Miscoe have prepared input on bubblers and other types of de-icers.  Paul's is rather lengthy and can be viewed and downloaded from a new web page on the subject at:

There are numerous other links on that web page, new and old, pro and con...  Mike's thoughts follow below.

Water Treatment Plant (WTP)

Paul also reports that bids for the new WTP are due on February 10th and a formal contract award is expected in a week or so after that, provided we stay wrinkle-free.  

Contact Paul if you have comments or questions on either of the above.
Contact Paul Balint
Welcome Kits for New Residents

Kirsten Siehl is heading up a group to offer "Welcome Kits" for folks new to the Lake.  If you would like to contribute ideas, or perhaps "get acquainted" freebies, coupons or items, feel free to contact
Contact Kirsten
Mayor’s Reminder Regarding Police Services and Lake Safety

•    Police Services:  New and existing property owners are reminded that the Indian Lake Police Department provides both house checks and wellness checks as a service to residents.  For those who will be away for any period and wish the Police to check up on your home, simply contact the Police by sending an email to  Indicate the dates that you will be away and also let them know if there are dates where you may be at your property.  Visiting occasionally does not preclude you from taking advantage of this service.  Also, if you are elderly and want an officer to check in on you to ensure that all is okay, the Police are more than happy to do so on a daily basis if necessary.  Again, submit your request via e-mail to

•    Lake Safety:  While the colder weather this winter has caused the lake to freeze sufficiently that many are enjoying ice fishing, cross country skiing, snowmobiling and other activities, it is important that those accessing the lake be wary of areas of thin ice.  These can occur near the shore where streams provide inflow and certainly near areas where property owners have deployed devices commonly called “bubblers” to keep ice away from their seawalls, docks and boat houses/slips.  In the daytime, areas of open water caused by bubbler activity is easily seen.  What many may not realize, however, is that the ice can be very thin as much as ten feet away from the open water area.  As we do not have the ability to mark areas of thin ice caused by stream inflow or bubblers, those accessing the lake out on the ice should exercise extreme caution and avoid going out on the ice at night.  Those using de-icing devices are encouraged to use a timer.  From personal experience, 15 minutes per hour at night (when it is colder) and 15 minutes every two hours in the day is more than enough de-icing time to keep the ice away from the structures you are attempting to protect.  Council is studying the use of de-icers to determine if there is a need for regulation, but for now, and because those are not the only areas where thin and unsafe ice might be encountered, property owners and guests are reminded to exercise extreme caution if going out on the ice.
Contact Mayor Mike

Rezoning of 9 Acre Parcel adjacent to Airport

Planning and Council are reviewing a request to re-Zone a 9-acre, 200 foot deep strip of land along West Airpark Rd. from R-1 Residential to C-G Commercial.  It is bordered by the roadway on front side and the Airport (Zone C-G) on the back side.  The property must be posted, the proposed rezoning must be advertised and a public hearing conducted prior to any action taken.  At this point the Public Hearing is likely for April 14th.
Contact Planning
Business Before Council 

As more virtual meetings are taking place due to COVID, attendance at Council Meetings has gone from typically 1-3 people to 30-40 virtual attendees at the last meeting.  100 is the hard upper limit on the virtual meetings. 40-50 is a practical limit simply because they are a bit more difficult to run than an in-person meeting, and Council has a lot to get done; interactively.  For now, we ask that if you have business before Council, please call first; we will send you a link, save you a spot on the agenda if needed and try to address your issue early.  If you do not call first, we presume you just want to observe and if we get jammed up we could need to lock the meeting. 

Generally there is a small group in the Borough Conference Room, which has a 'big-screen' display and can be connected to Zoom participants.  This group is by invitation only, and the Office doors will be locked to uninvited guests.

Please be prompt, either on-line or in-person.  Remember  ... Calling ahead makes us all better prepared.
Contact the Office

Business Before Planning

The above applies to Planning, too.  Additionally, Planning issues submitted often have very prescriptive timetables and tedious requirements.  Please do not 'drop stuff off' at the last minute and expect the clock to start ticking that same day; it might be incomplete or incorrect and quickly be rejected for cause, and review delayed a full month or more as a result.  It often takes a few days to gather added info to allow a good review to commence, even for complete packages.  Give us a chance to do our reviews thoroughly and promptly.
Contact Planning
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