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Weather Update

The Somerset County Department of Emergency services and the National Weather service have released the following updates and information regarding expected (and occurring) freezing rain that will impact our area.  Click Here to see the advisory.


A couple of other important items:
Happy New Year

Got a feelin ’21 is gonna be a good year...
No Noise is Good Noise
Borough Council, with assistance from Planning and the Service Corp, is considering needed changes to our Nuisance/Noise Ordinance, Ordinance 105.  Since its enactment in 1997 a number of things have changed such as the implementation of a stormwater management ordinance as well as changes to other ordinances.  Also, the inability to react to property owner complaints, especially with respect to noise, necessitated a comprehensive review and update to the Nuisance Ordinance.  Thanks to Mayor Miscoe for preparing the DRAFT of these changes.  Joe Lazzaro and Pam Tadken will entertain and coordinate your comments.  Click the buttons below for the current DRAFT or to contact Joe or Pam.
Council is also considering a DRAFT revision to our Boating Ordinance, 184.  The use of 'wake' boats and other slow moving craft that produce large wakes has increased significantly and this trend will likely continue, requiring updates and reviews to the Boating Ordinance.  Wave height is a hot topic and some have asked for changes.  Residents who choose to rent a boat are not happy with some restrictions on rental use (and Council agrees) and our local Magistrate has prompted a need to revise some definitions as well as our enforcement provisions to bring them in line with the Ordinance enforcement provisions of the Borough code.  Council tasked the Mayor to prepare the proposal, which can be downloaded via the button below.
All of these things will be considered in an upcoming update.  Scott Hollern and Dick Stern have agreed to coordinate your comments. Click the buttons below for the current DRAFT or to contact Scott or Dick.

Drone Purchase Being Considered
As traffic has gotten busier on the lake, the Police Department has requested purchase of a law enforcement quality drone so that they might be able to better ensure the safety of boaters on the lake. The Mayor and Chief Bellak have advised that the department’s enforcement priorities on the lake will remain the same with a focus on reckless operation, generation of large wakes too close to the shoreline and observance of no wake speeds after dark.  During peak times, the lake becomes too busy to effectively patrol with a single boat.  Such a drone provides us the coverage we need at significantly less cost than adding an officer and perhaps another watercraft.  A law enforcement drone has other uses as well such a monitoring for illegal hunting, search efforts, monitoring for illegal ice fishing by non-property owners or non-guests, and others.  Click the button below to contact Chief Bellak with any comments.

Notices and Hearings
There have been 3 published notices in the Daily American recently.  See the 3 links below for copies.  A Hearing on the Zoning Ordinance revision will be held January 13th.  The Borough has issued a formal response to DEP on the Deep Mining Permit, including a request for a conference (likely a webinar format; TBD).  The Blasting Notice is vague, covering a full year without specifics, and is for information only.
Water Treatment Plant (WTP)
The bid package is being finalized and we expect to go out-for-bid on January 5th.  Notices will appear in the Daily American on January 5th and 8th, with bids due to be opened on February 10th.  We expect place a contract within a week or 2 after that, and to close on the PENNVEST loan in April.  Construction activities should begin this summer. 
The scope includes bringing Well 18B (@ Wenatchee Park) back on line, re-piping it to combine flow with Well 99 on an alternating basis.  The WTP and a second tank will be added, right next to the Cherry Lane tank.  Once lines are reconfigured, all customers will  be served only treated water via the WTP and these two tanks.  No customers will be served between the wells and the treatment plant. The Peninsula Tank and the Buckstown Tank (both lower elevation) will be filled with treated water via valves from these 2 Cherry Lane tanks.  Well 2 will go dormant and become an emergency back-up, only.
Costs for this iron and manganese removal project total just over $2,500 per water user but will be handled by the PENNVEST loan, repaid over the next 20 years via increasing water rates by just over $10 per month ($125/year) beginning 2021.   See the button below to contact Paul Balint on the subject.
ePay Reminder
While we're on the subject of water bills, you can pay your 2021 bill at any time, via ePay.  See the button below.  While you are at it, you can pay your Service Corp Dues, your sewage fees, pay for your boat licenses, and even your Anglers' Club dues.  The same way.  Even at the same time...  It's free; we cover the fee.
Ice Activities

The Mayor requests that individuals exercise caution relative to activities on the ice.  While the lake, at least for the moment, has frozen over, the ice thickness varies considerably depending on location.  Just because it is or appears safe in one spot, does not mean it is safe elsewhere.  Those who choose to go out on the ice do so at your own risk.  Please see the link below for additional safety information.
Beware of Bubblers

Ice is typically thinner at the edges/shoreline

DRAFT Nuisance Ordinance
DRAFT Boating Ordinance Revs
Drone Questions? - Contact Chief Bellak
Zoning Notice
Mining Notice
Blasting Notice
Ice Thickness Graphic
Questions - WTP
ePay - OnLine

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