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Water Line Flushing

Water lines will be flushed, in preparation for the July 4th Holidays, over the period June 17th through 21st and June 24th through 28th.  Water may be cloudy during the flushing but typically the flushing goes without notice.  Folks who have been away and not used water for a long period may experience local settling of red/brown oxides which should quickly disappear as low-elevation or down-sloping individual supply lines get used upon arrival.


On May 30th Aquatic Environment Consultants conducted an aquatic vegetation survey on Indian Lake to determine the need for a June herbicide application. They conducted a survey around the lake at various places where weeds have been a problem in the past. While a few places contained elodea and some pondweeds, these places were few. The recommendation is that no treatment be conducted during the month of June. They are recommending the treatment of Vallisneria in July. The July treatment should also help to reduce the growth of elodea and pondweeds that were observed on May 30th. 

Council authorized conducting the vallisneria treatment on July 15th or 16th. This date will be determined by the availability of the supplier to deliver the treatment supplies to the lake. There will not be any water usage restrictions with the July treatment. People can continue to use the lake for swimming, fishing and boating.  There will not be any restrictions on irrigation nor drinking of lake water by domestic animals.

Go Fish!

The Al Diehl Memorial Children’s Fishing Tournament, Sponsored by Indian Lake Anglers’ Club, will be held on Saturday, July 6th, 2019 @ Indian Lake Marina.  Click Here for a flyer with more details and all other upcoming tournaments and events... (two pages; make sure you see the full tournament schedule on page 2)

Cable TV, and other Cable related things

Our Comcast Cable franchise agreement is up for renewal in April 2022 and the potentially 2-3 year process is now beginning.  These franchise agreements are no longer exclusive, but the law gives us the right establish rules and to charge a fee, and in return the discretion to grant rights and permissions only to select providers or franchisees.  The financial considerations to selecting a 'preferred provider' or franchisee can be significant.  These agreements are 'bounded' by federal laws so neither party can be unreasonable.  We currently receive between $20-$25,000 per year under the current agreement, in line with other Boroughs and Townships to our knowledge.

The 'renewal' process starts by the cable company identifying their desire to renew, which they recently have done, and by the Borough canvasing customers regarding issues, needs, wants and desires.  Unless we do something to signal otherwise, the current terms will extend another 5 years, in this case to 2027.  So, speak up...  We will not embark on a lengthy process unless you tell us to.

New Part-Time Police Officer

Todd Fockler, from Shade Township near Windber and a seasoned Law Enforcement Officer from the Johnstown area, will begin patroling immediately.  Chef Bellak will be showing him around so if you see him/them out and about stop and say "Hi".


Council awarded this year's paving project to Grannas Brothers Stone and Asphalt, the low bidder again this year.  We will be doing a bit more work than usual; about twice what we authorized last year.  Details will be provided once we schedule the work with the contractor.  We are about 8 weeks ahead of last year's August contract award.

Sediment Removal

The Borough will be renting a small 'dredging' machine that is a bit unique...  It stirs up the sediment, sucks the resulting slurry off the bottom and pumps it into HUGE (30 by 100 feet long) vacuum-cleaner-like bags; the water drains and the sediment stays in the super-heavy-duty bags until it dries out.  The initial use will be to clear the channel up by the stumps [Cayuga 11-15, Shoshone 31-35].  We are hoping to do this sometime in August.  Check out the video;

Lock it Up

Mike Miscoe discussed a recent issue where keys were left in a parked jet-ski that was just too tempting to some neighboring teens.  It served as a reminder to not only lock what you can, and remove your keys, but also the importance of the ignition tether/cut-out should an operator and their craft become separated.  The misappropriated jet-ski puttered for hours and hours in a circle overnight (at least that's what it was doing at daybreak).  Many lessons can be learned from that incident.
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