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New Water Treatment Planned

Council approved in March a plan to upgrade our water system.  The plan addresses many issues:
  • Adds treatment to remove iron and manganese, resolving consumer and DEP complaints
  • Brings Well 18B back into service, increasing capacity and adding back-up/redundancy (previously decommissioned solely due to high iron and manganese)
  • Adds a second tank on Cherry Lane, doubling our reserves, and also adding redundancy and improved firefighting capacity
  • We will no longer need to send divers into the filled tanks for inspections
  • Allows substantial reduction in chlorine levels at point-of-use (homes)

The Borough will use low-interest PennVest financing and pay down the debt via increased charges for water; DEP and our Engineers have always commented how low our rates are, and they will still be comparatively low even with the increases.  We are looking at an increase of $10-$13 per month or less than $150 per year; an increase of ~50-60%


As we prepare for folks to return/come to the Lake for the summer we all need to stop and reflect that this year can, should, and will be different.  We owe it to each other to do our part and stop the spread of this vicious virus.  A few things to consider:
  • Somerset County has only 4 cases currently; amazing compared to some areas
  • Indian Lake has a cooler and more humid environment than other communities; it's why we're here.  The corona virus likes that, too.
  • We have an elderly and thus more susceptible population.  Some have health issues. Some might never survive the disease if they get it now.
  • Many (greater than 2/3) of our summer population comes from elsewhere; snowbirds returning from Florida, property owners and guests from Washington, Baltimore, Pittsburgh and points west, and Philadelphia and points east...
  • Many of us are very social creatures and known to party from time-to-time.  Old habits die hard, but it's better than a neighbor.
Over the past week many folks have already begun the journey back.  Please help care for each other by considering that each of us might well be asymptomatic carriers.  Let's respect each others' fears, and health.
The Borough has been told, in non-specific terms, that folks are still renting out homes on-line via "air bnb" and such.  We hope this is untrue as this violates the order issued recently by Governor Wolfe.  We will investigate further, but please cease and desist, and report any violations by others so we can take them up with owners.  This is serious.
On a positive note, the Lodge has instituted a take-out, 'car-hop' service (even local delivery...). Great food, familiar pricing, super convenient and COVID-friendly.  On-line or phone ordering.


We are going out for bid on trash collection service.  The current WM contract expires in June.

The spring clean-up weekend is on hold, currently.  A non-essential thing.

Borough Web Site Changes

Late last summer our web-site hoster, GoDaddy, disabled our site.  Their reasons were varied, but basically the software we used (EVoq and SimpleMachines) became the target of hackers worldwide and it became 'too hard' for GoDaddy to keep the base software up-to-date.  We were a casualty. They gave us ZERO notice, however.

There are many hosters who cater to EVoq, an international favorite among asp.NET developers, so we were able to move the site seamlessly to a new home at a modest increase in cost.  Few, if any, noticed.  Simple Machines, not so much, but it was used only for the Smoke Signals Forum, which very few ever used.  It was decommissioned.

When we moved the Borough web site, some 'links' to documents were broken.  This was recently fixed by rebuilding the libraries to a consistent and updated standardized scheme, making improvements as well.  The more popular files are now easier to find (and maintain), in fewer menus.  

Check it out.  Comments welcomed.

Boat Licenses

Boat Licenses are in and will be mailed.  Thanks for ordering and paying on-line.  If you haven't yet, go to .

Council, Planning, Service Corp, Committee and other Meetings

The Borough, having filed an Emergency Resolution Declaration, will be conducting meetings via the internet and teleconference calls.  The published and advertised schedule has not changed.  Contact the office at to make arrangements and get a code should you wish to listen in.

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