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A couple of news items:
Shimer is Benched! -

A new bench was placed at Shoshone Park in recognition of Lynn Shimer, past Council President who recently moved to Georgia.  Lynn is an avid outdoorsman and was the environmental/sportsman 'conscience' of the Borough during his terms.  Click below to see the bench.  We wish Lynn and Leah well.
Boone Deep Mine Permit -

Many of you have gotten letters from DEP on this.  LCT Energy, a local company, has applied for a permit to do deep mining in our area.  All surface operations will be East of Rt 160, and outside the Indian Lake watershed.  Most of the undermined area will be outside the Borough, but some of the mining will be under a small portion of the Northwinds Golf Course along Rt 160, the Cherry Lane water tank (and the site of our new tank and treatment plant), and 3-5 homes near the intersection of South Shore Trail, Peninsula Drive and Entrance Drive, and Huckleberry Acres.  Click below for a map/sketch.  The mining will be hundreds of feet below the surface and will use a standard/traditional 'room-and-pillar' technique, found historically to be at very low-risk for subsidence.

This is a continuation of a project begun 5-10 years ago, and which the Borough fought unsuccessfully through appeal in 2014-2016.  Our concern was not with the Lake itself but with the possible mining impact on our water wells and drinking water quality.  Though our appeal was not successful, we reached an agreement with LCT which gives us royalties on the mined coal to offset our future drinking water treatment costs.  This expected new permit request is aligned with this 2016 agreement.

The Borough was given 30 days to respond, and offered training and educational presentations by DEP.  If you have questions or input, drop us a line.

The Borough has had at least one COVID case, and a number of folks have been tested and quarantined.  Residents remain appropriately concerned, some much more than others.  We must remain mindful and respectful of all those concerns, and comply with all County, Commonwealth and Federal guidelines.  Please stay home if you can, visit the Borough Office only if you must, and please wear your masks.
Borough Easements and Right-of-Ways -

The Borough owns many easements or right-of-ways, some are highly specific, some more general.  Broadly stated, they are 50 feet wide, 25 from the centerline, for major roads; 33 feet wide, 16.5 feet from the centerline, for secondary/feeder roads; 20 feet wide, 10 feet from the centerline for 'side roads'; 10 feet down each property sideline and backline for future utilities;  and 'wherever' there are utility lines currently run.  Additionally there are structural setbacks (no-build zones) identified in Borough and County zoning regulations.  

The Borough does not exercise many of these rights very often, if ever.  But some, such as those bordering roadways, are exercised all the time.  In the winter, these right-of-ways are essential for snow removal and safety considerations.  Structures may not be built on these right-of-ways.  Trees, shrubs, landscaping, driveways, etc. may occupy these spaces, but at your own peril.  From time to time trees and shrubs grow to a point they need to be dealt with for safety reasons or to permit our road crew space to do their jobs, and with the equipment we provide.  Sometimes there is no happy medium between the USPS desire to have mailboxes easily reached and our plow trucks' need for operating room.  Our trucks are bigger...

If we clip a mailbox, uproot a shrub, or have to trim back a tree, please don't take offense.  Also, please don't take it out on our employees.  Call, write, or come to a Council Meeting.  That's why you pay us...
Mayor’s House/Welfare Check Reminder -

The Indian Lake Police department is focused on its obligation to “Protect and Serve” the property owners of the Borough.  To that end, we recognize that the coming of winter means that many will be visiting the lake less often. This is a reminder that the Police Department provides, as a service to property owners, weekly checks of your home to ensure that it is secure.  These checks are available even for those that may come to the lake periodically or who will be gone for only a short period of time.  Additionally, for those that may want the department to check in on you or a family member, the Department also offers a service where they will visit residents residing in the Borough to check to ensure that all are okay.  To get signed up, send an e-mail to Chief Bellak at or call the Department at (814)754-3231 and indicate the service required and the dates during which service is needed.  The Department and its officers encourage you to take advantage of these services. 
Thanksgiving -

Have a Safe, Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!!
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Boone Deep Mine Area
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